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New Win8 computer but have a password problem

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    New Win8 computer but have a password problem

    I am using a brand new HP Pavilion PC direct from HP. I set it up OK out of the box, using my Hotmail password and had no problems for 2 days until now, when I get: You cannot sign in to your PC right now. Go to to fix this problem, or try the last password you used on this PC'.

    Maybe I used the wrong password once too often?

    I reset my password and am accessing my Windows and Hotmail accounts on another computer (my wife's), but using the same password (carefully written down) on the new Win 8 it stubbornly refuses to accept it.

    I called MS PC Safety on 1800-936-5700 but they are closed so turning to you for help. Any ideas?

    Need Help!

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    Just want to say problem solved! I called Microsoft at 1800-642-7676 and chose Security, then was passed to a tech who discovered that I had somehow made 2 users, Ian X Smith with Hotmail address and the other Ian Smith with Gmail address. I was logging in to the 2nd (Gmail) so one of course the password was wrong! The user with Hotmail address accepted my changed Hotmail address so could log on OK.
    By going to User accounts I deleted the second one which was causing my error, so all is OK now .
    Cheers from a now happy person.
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New Win8 computer but have a password problem
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