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Can not create a new local user ?

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    Can not create a new local user ?

    Hello all,

    I have been trying to fix this all night and day now and am at a loss. Let's start from the beginning:

    Last night I upgraded my Windows XP Pro, to a Windows 8 Pro.
    During the install it asked me to keep my personal settings or use default, so I selected to keep my personal settings, where my user name was: BobMaster(administrator rights)

    I never filled in my email or chose for a 'windows account', I was however signed in with my windows account when I downloaded/upgraded. I do not want to use a 'windows account' though.

    The first time I had to log in, the log-on screen showed only 1 account called 'Administrator', however after logging on, I did see the name 'BobMaster' in the start menu.
    After changing all the visual effects and setting up the start menu like I wanted, I restarted and windows informed me of automatic updates, naturally I installed them.

    Back on the log-on screen, still the only user I saw was Administrator, but this time, it no longer showed the name BobMaster on the start menu and all the settings I had changed, were back to default.

    Wondering where it went, I started looking in the: 'control panel>user accounts and family safety>user accounts>Configure advanced user profile properties' and in 'computer management>Local Users and groups>Users'
    To my surprise both lists mentioned a User named BobMaster(name)/BobMaster(Full name) and a profile called THEBOBMASTER\BobMaster.

    I was too afraid to delete those files at first, so I spent hours trying to find solutions for this, before I finally decided to delete the user account and profile. After doing that, I restarted yet again.

    Thinking I now would just have to create a new user account named BobMaster, set it as admin and relog...
    This was sadly not the case, after clicking create, the new user did not appear on the 'PC Settings' user list, however it did again create a user called Bobmaster(name) BobMaster(full name) in the computer management screen.

    I have deleted this new user several times more and the same thing happens over and over, but it never shows up on the log-on screen, nor can I switch to it in any way.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, need to know more, just ask, I'm not the best at explaining myself in words.

    [EDIT]: After changing several stuff in the 'Local Security Policies' and especially 'Interactive logon: Do not display last user name', after enabling that option, I had the option on the log-on screen to enter my account name and password separately, allowing me to log into my created account.

    It is weird I could not find anything about this on the web, since all I did was a fresh upgrade, nothing else.
    Hopefully this post will help other users.
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    Hello Bob,

    It seems that you are not alone. Many people have been reporting issues after doing an upgrade install to Windows 8. I would recommend for anyone to do a clean install with their Windows 8 upgrade instead to avoid remnants of the previous OS possibly causing issues.

    Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade

    Hope this helps,
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    Yes, that is very helpful thank you, I have been looking around if it was possible, however, I do not know where to find the iso, or in my case setup files.

    Any idea where I can find it, or how to obtain one somehow, I ordered a cd with it, but that has not arrived yet

    [EDIT]: I have found it myself, located here:

    I am happy to know I made the right decision buying the upgrade so cheap simply because we can do a fresh install from the upgrade.
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    Great news Bob.
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Can not create a new local user ?
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