When I setup Windows 8 I used my Microsoft Hotmail account in the format of username@hotmail.com. Which is nice for me, as it is the Messenger account that all my friends no me by.

However that is not the Skydrive account I want to use. I want to use the Skydrive account associated with the Office 2013 Small Business account I have. The Microsoft Account in the format of username@companyname.onmicrosoft.com.

Is there a way to continue to use username@hotmail.com as my user account but somehow "link" the small business account of username@companyname.onmicrosoft.com?

I guess if all else fails I could set up a local account to sign in and sign in individually to my Messenger and business Skydrive account. Like I did with Windows 7.

I do not want to setup a user account for each and log on and off as I need to use one or the other.