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Hiding available users at login ?

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    Hiding available users at login ?

    I have several users set up on my machine (local accounts), including 1 that I specifically use for things such as banking.
    Aim here is obviously to keep that account as secure as possible.

    The problem I have issues with is ...
    Anyone trying to log into my machine, is presented with a list of available user accounts to choose from.
    This obviously includes my 'banking' account.

    My personal theory is this : if someone doesnot know a user account exists, they are less likely to try and get in it!
    Hence I would like to hide this account, and like in previous versions of windows, force users to explicitly enter both username and password in order to gain access to my machine.

    I know in W7, I had to do some fiddling in Policy Settings or suchlike to enable this .... but for the life of me I cannot remember how I did it exaclty.
    I recall that for W7 it was an easy Google to get instructions - yet I am struggling with W8.

    Anyone shed any light on how to do this ?

    Many Thanks

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    Hello Simon, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    You could set Windows to require users to enter both their user name and password on the sign in screen. This way they cannot see what accounts are available, and you do not have to disable the account for it to not show up in the list of users on the sign in screen.

    Log On with User Name and Password - Windows 7 Forums

    Hope this helps,
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    Absolutely brilliant, thanks.
    I'd seen that article before, but mis interpreted the 'last user' part of the description.

    Done it as you reccommended and has the desired effect.

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    You're most welcome Simon. I'm glad it'll work for you.
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Hiding available users at login ?
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