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Changing username in file structure

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    Changing username in file structure

    I purchased my PC with windows 8 installed and the username had been set to 'user'. I have since changed this but do not know how to change the name in the file structure, eg. it currently is C:\Users\user whereas I'd want C:\Users\(my username)

    Also, I have a 90GB SSD and a 500GB HDD. I'd like to use the SSD for OS and frequent programs and the HDD for most of my data. Is there an easy way to do this? Obviously RAID isn't really an option.

    Help would be appreciated,

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    The only way to do that effectively is to create a new user with the UserID you want and reconfigure your desktop etc.
    Trying to change the name of the folder itself would break things as there are a lot of registry entries that point to it.

    you would then copy Favorites, Desktop, Documents to the new profile. and delete the old account when satisfied

    For the hard drive,,, yes, you will have to back up all data and reload from scratch on the drive you want. however......
    There are apps out there that you can use to clone the drives. But, going from HDD to SSD, I am not sure how or if I would do it.
    I am not familiar with SSD's but they require some kind of alignment, I don't know how that would work during a clone operation.
    I would just start from scratch myself.
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    Figured that'd be the case... Will probably do that when I get some time then.

    I do currently have the whole file system on the SSD but this is obviously gonna run out fast. Is it possible to specify the user directory location perhaps..? It's just a pain having 2 so different drives. In RAID it'd make a 180GB drive with none of the performance benefits of the SSD.
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    Is it possible to specify the user directory location perhaps
    Yes, Under Libraries on the left, click to expand Documents and then right click on Documents below that
    Click Location

    There are some known issues with this, permissions of files can get messed up by doing this. This is not a Win8 thing, it has been around that I know of since at least Vista.
    I have never attempted to do this even in XP, so I am not all that familiar with the problem, just seen it reported several times.

    I recommend doing it the old fashion way, and that is the way i still do it, I don't like Libraries anyway, they can get extremely convoluted in the long run

    Drag and drop to the secondary hard drive. It really is still less hassle.

    Here is one option: User Profiles - Relocate to another Partition or Disk
    And I would highly recommend reading that entire thread start to finish before even attempting it
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Changing username in file structure
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