Hello all!
While trying to fix some app, I changed my user account to a local account. During that process, Windows told me I could not use my regular user name ("Windows is already using that name"), so I changed it a bit...
Let's say my user name was John, then I changed it to John1

After the app was fixed, I changed my account type back to a Windows live account, using the same email/PW as before.

Now everything seems fine "on the surface". Both my user name displayed on screen is John, and my user's files are filed Under "John".


I did a File History back up, and to my surprise, my files were stored under "John1" ?!?!?

I then opened the CMD window and did "Set User" command which brough up the following:


Any idea how I can change the USERNAME back to John? I know it does'nt change much in the end, but I like things clean, and right now, my file history is Under John1 for this computer, and John for my other computers...