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Help with multiple users login screen!

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    Hi Brink

    thats what I started to i did try what you already suggested and rebooted and still didnt work - Ive a feeling if I add a password it will work because it HAS too to verify my password - but I have no desire to use passwords and niether does she

    do you use passwords?

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    Yes, I use passwords to help prevent unauthorized access from the network and at the computer.

    It seems that at least one of you may need to create a password for an account to not have it auto sign in like this. If it works, then you could remove the password to see if you are still able to select an account to sign in to. If not, then one or both of you will be stuck using a password.
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    what your saying is users MUST use a password in order to have it operate correctly... I.E. so it will stop at the sign in screen and ask user to verify password where that user can click 'back' and choose their login? , well this is daft because not everyone uses passwords in windows and nor should they be forced to do so just to stop automatic sign in of one user?? this is why I say its a massive balls up by MS to do it this way. you dont have to do this is any other version of windows??
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    ....also, it will be BOTH because if she used the computer last (and didnt have a password) it would just log her in automatically.

    the temporary fix here would be to create a SHUTDOWN shortcut (of sorts) which invokes a silent reg entry change (the one mentioned earlier) and then executes shutdown and have this shortcut on all users account and tell them they must use it, this will FORCE windows to show the users login screen (whether you use passwords or not!) - this means those that dont wish too use passwords (like me) can still have a choice

    I will see if I can create such a file, although I dont know if the reg entry can be done silently, you would have to click OK to allow the reg entry..

    Another option would be to use LOG OUT instead then SLEEP or HIBERNATE the computer - this would be quicker too but the kernel isnt refreshed and after continuous use could become unstable.
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    Please re-read what I posted.

    It was to give a password to an account to see if it would work properly afterwards with it. If it does work, then remove the password to see if it still works without any passwords. It's a test to toggle it to see if it may reset the proper behavior.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ecevit View Post
    After reboot, the value is set to 0 . How can I get this unchanged?
    The user "SYSTEM" changes the value back from "1" to "0"
    So the goal is not allow the user "SYSTEM" to change it.

    • Right mouse click at registry key "UserSwitch" -> "Permissions"
    • "Advanced" -> User "SYSTEM": "Disable inheritance"
    • Change owner from "SYSTEM" to group "Administrators"
    • Group "Administrators" -> Allow -> full control.
    • "Advanced" -> User "SYSTEM" -> "Edit" -> Type "Deny" -> "Show advanced permissions" -> "Clear all" -> check only "Set value"

    Control Effective Access:

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    Thanks a lot. That's exactly what I want the os to do. In addition, your method can apply to various problems as well.
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    NiFu - You the muthafuggin man. Thanks, this is EXACTLY what I was looking for also, because it was VERY annoying to keep seeing the last user logged on whenever I booted up. Then when I turned off the Group Policy to stop this then you get a BLANK entry form with OTHER USER.

    So Windows 8 is really SUCKING and Microsoft is REALLY going to hurt on this one like they did with VISTA, but fortunately some of us are willing to "tinker" and get this thing to behave the way it should...

    Kudos, thanks...
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    THANKS....BUT.... your instructions are missing something...they are also quite 'vague' and hard to follow if your not already familiar with how to use that section - please can you give full noob instructions step by step?

    when you click DISABLE INHERITENCE a window appears with two options which you dont say which one too choose and it sounds like you could possibly screw up the system choosing the wrong one?

    which one do you choose?

    if you choose REMOVE ALL then it removes everything in the window (thank god for cancel!)

    I have followed through after choosing CONVERT and your advice of :

    Group "Administrators" -> Allow -> full control

    just doesnt seem to work for me? I mean Administrators already have full control according to it?

    then this advice:

    "Advanced" -> User "SYSTEM" -> "Edit" -> Type "Deny" -> "Show advanced permissions" -> "Clear all" -> check only "Set value"

    seems to imply your starting from scratch again? after step 3 in your instructions you cant not click "Advanced"- only SYSTEM as your already in the Advanced section...

    Also you dont mention to check boxes such as

    "Only apply these permissions to objects within this container" as shown in your screenys this is checked


    "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects" which seems to be checked in your screenshot.

    --- I propose these new instructions?

    [HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI\UserSwitch]
    Change value "Enabled" from "0" to "1"

    Right mouse click at registry key "UserSwitch" -> "Permissions"
    "Advanced" -> User "SYSTEM": "Disable inheritance"
    - choose 'CONVERT' when prompted
    Change owner from "SYSTEM" to group "Administrators" by clicking change at top and typing in Administrator into the box that appears then click OK
    - then check the box "Replace owner on SubContainers and Objects"
    click "SYSTEM" -> "Edit" -> Type "Deny" -> "Show advanced permissions" -> "Clear all" -> check only "Set value"
    - check box "Only apply these permissions to objects within this container"
    - click APPLY / OK on all windows

    those instructions worked for me...thanks for the tip
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    This tutorial is dedicated to you. Thank you.

    Sign in - Show All Users or Last User in Windows 8
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Help with multiple users login screen!
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