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SATA Drivers - Load in Windows 8 System Image Recovery

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    Hello CVJ, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    What drive did you save the system image to, and is it connected?

    It can't be on C:, and D: is to small. A system image is not the same as the factory recovery partition or a custom refresh image.

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    Hi CVJ

    Is your system image back up on two HDD's in a Raid Array?

    RAID - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    The image was about 40gb and was initially created on the C drive via command prompt. I copied the same to my external powered hard drive.

    I have a HP pavilion dv7
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    Quote Originally Posted by CVJ View Post
    The image was about 40gb and was initially created on the C drive via command prompt. I copied the same to my external powered hard drive.

    I have a HP pavilion dv7
    So you have

    1) no back up image.

    2) no raid array.

    3) do have a Refresh image to use in REFRESH. Refresh Windows 8

    Refresh Windows 8 - Create and Use Custom Recovery Image

    Why do you need to install Raid drivers?
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    Where are the sata drivers???

    You are so right! Can someone please give nice step by step instructions on what to do if your computer cant find any system image backups?

    I have a factory reset 1 month old HP Pavilion laptop, windows 8.1. I want to restore the image I saved from it with recimg to a 3TB USB hard drive. The drive is plugged in to the laptop. The CustomRefresh.wim is in the RefreshImage folder on it exactly as per your instructions elsewhere. It can find it easily in file explorer. Cant find it in the "re-image your computer" window as per your screenshot above. I tried copying the wim file to desktop, then to C:\. Did the setcurrent instruction as per your instructions. NOTHING WORKED. Still reported "cannot find a system image on this computer". I tried straight refresh as read somewhere that it uses the recimg file. That returned an error, "nothing has changed".

    You say "copy your SATA driver to a disk". Um, where is the SATA driver located please? What is it named??? Will this fix the cannot find problem if the backup image is already on my C drive??? Can I just drag it to a USB drive? How will the laptop find it if it can't read USB drives??? I don't understand any of the discussion on this page. Tried dragging .sys files showing in properties as drivers for the backup drive to a USB, but clicking each of these returned :does not contain information" error message.

    I am really glad I tried this on a spare laptop and did not wait until I really needed it...

    Can anyone help please?

    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    Not sure everyone will know where to find their SATA drivers. ( or even what SATA drivers are, for that matter).

    I don't use windows system image - but perhaps if your windows installation sees the backup HD - might be easiest to point at your install partition driverstore.

    Applies to win7 too, I imagine.
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SATA Drivers - Load in Windows 8 System Image Recovery
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