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Lock Screen Timeout Period - Change in Windows 8

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    Hi brink,

    I'm not sure whether this is related or not, now i'm not talkin bout this lock screen time out (tried your above tutorial, didn't work out 4me), but my problem is quite simple, my monitor automatically shut off when idle (for about 1min), it's really annoying when i'm reading or writing and needs to think a bit while my monitor shuts down auto when idle. And needs to shake the mouse to turn it on.

    So my question is, how to get this fixed? Tried your way but couldn't get the result. Still automatically shut down when idle 1 min.

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    Hello Shrine, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    This tutorial is only for the timeout period to turn off the display when you have already locked the computer instead. That's why it didn't work for you.

    Please go ahead and create a new thread for this to keep this tutorial on topic, and we'll be happy to see what we can do to help.
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    Thanks for this tutorial. I would lock my computer and switch the screen off when leaving the PC for longer than 5 minutes. Very often when returning, I would switch the screen back on, move the mouse, hit space bar, hit "wake" on keyboard, tap the power button - all to no avail, and finally be forced to press the reset button.

    The latest result is that my tabs in Firefox got all messed up. Hopefully this will fix the issue as I've set the lock screen to go dark after 120 minutes now.
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    Hello Aeed,

    Are you sure that the PC hasn't shut down when it fails to go to the sign in screen?
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    i have the same problem when i connect my laptop with microsoft account, and some pop up show, i klik yes but dont know what this all about.
    after that, my laptop always lock every 1 minute, and that bother me so much. i change all setting(turn off display, lock time out, etc) to "never" in my power setting option, but nothing happen, my laptop still lock every minute.

    this tutorial work great for me so far,, thank you so much.

    how can you know the registry for that option exist, where do you learn it, why microsoft make some hiden option like this.

    this tutorial is working tooo
    [Fix] Lock Screen Appears Automatically at Constant Intervals in Windows 8 and Later - AskVG
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    I'm glad the tutorial could help tyupox, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    It's from years of digging in the registry. After a while, you get a feel for where things should be that makes finding it easier.
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Lock Screen Timeout Period - Change in Windows 8
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