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How to Import Email Accounts and Messages at

information   Information
A lot of users have several email accounts, often from different email service providers. If the email is used as primary email and most mail will be sent from it, it will be practical to use it also for collecting the incoming messages from the other email providers.

This tutorial will show how to do that. - Import Email Accounts and Messages Part One - Import Email Accounts and Messages
Import existing email accounts and messages

I will use Gmail as an example. The same exact procedure applies to any third party email you want to import.

1.1.) Open the Options (Settings icon at top right, left from your name):

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1.2.) Select Import email accounts:

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1.3.) Select Google, Yahoo or Other email provider (Google in this example). Notice that if Windows already knows your Gmail account it is shown here but if not you will be asked the credentials:

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1.4.) Click Options:

Click image for larger version

1.5.) Select if you want the Gmail messages and folder structure imported as such into own folders which will then be created, or if you want the messages to be imported to existing folders. Click Start:

Click image for larger version

1.6.) You will now be asked for the Gmail credentials, enter them. Click Accept to let to start importing:

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1.7.) Click Open Gmail to go to Gmail Inbox to read the instructions sent to you about how to set your Gmail to forward all incoming messages to

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1.8.) Done. Your folder pane at left now shows the Gmail messages:

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Size:  7.8 KB - Import Email Accounts and Messages Part Two - Import Email Accounts and Messages
Set up mail forwarding for future messages

Follow the instructions in the email Microsoft sent to your Gmail to set up forwarding:

Click image for larger version

This is of course not obligatory but recommended. Without setting up forwarding the future incoming messages to account in question will not be forwarded to and you have to repeat the procedure in Part One every time you want to import messages arrived since the last import.

Tip   Tip
When done, the next recommend step if you haven't done it yet is to set up the account security as told in this tutorial: Microsoft Account Two-step Verification - Turn On or Off