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    Hello Bobbo,

    If you have any questions, then please feel free to ask.

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    I am finding search the most disappointing thing about Win 8.1
    It might work for some but the way I use search (and everyone I know) Windows 8.1 falls WAY short. Far easier in Windows 7. I just upgraded 4 PCs at my business and went with Windows 7. I will stick with it until they stop support or MS releases something better.

    I use Win 8.1 at home on a laptop and it's the ONLY Windows 8 PC I will have. I would rather use Vista.....and that says a lot. Windows 8 must be good on phones because I am VERY disappointed on the desktop version.
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    Hello Nate,

    Does the information in the yellow top box at the top of the tutorial help any?
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    Something that seems to be missing in 8.x is searching by date modified according to date range, e.g. 1-Apr-2011 to 31-Dec-2013. I'm trying to sync drives so I have all the latest files together but there are a huge amount of files and my memory is foggy about when and where I made changes....

    Edit: found it! Type "datemodified:" into the search box, a calendar appears. Click and drag for a range on the calendar, or type "datemodified:1/2/2011..28/2/2011" (in your country's date order format e.g. MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY) and there you are. That's one more thing I didn't like about 8.x solved Maybe someone might like to add it to the tutorial. It's in the Win7 tutorial.
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Search in Windows 8
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