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Thanks, Brink! Somehow I had two profiles for my network. Only one showed up in Allowed. When I tried to Denyall, it shut mine down. I have now been able to use the Denyall and even stopped the HIDDEN networks from showing up, along with the block list. Just the BLOCK list wouldn't stop a Verizon MiFi network next door, or the HIDDEN ones in the area.

You were also right about doing this not helping with my disconnects. Comcast tech just left, and he saw the bouncing up and down of the connection. I could go from 80 mbps to 3 in a flash! They will be laying new cabling outside. I have 15 wireless networks in my immediate area, and a new one showed up last night that's a 5.5Ghz. The airways are just getting too crowded out there!
Great news Sandie. I'm happy to hear that you got it sorted.