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Windows Explorer Auto Arrange - Disable in Windows 8

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    Ah, ok. Now I understand what you mean.

    You disabled auto arrange using Option One, but have "Auto arrange" checked in the folder's "View" context menu when this happens.

    It appears to be some sort of refresh or focus (selected file) issue. About all you can do is to change the focus by selecting another file first, then open the moved folder.

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    It's not a big deal actually but when you do this you could be suprised to see different content. I just wondered there is a solution to prevent this or not. Thanks again.
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    None that I'm aware of.
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    thanks shawn , love this tut
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    You're welcome Jerry. Thank you.
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    Does any of the filetypes effect the change to the Desktop?
    I can't even move any of the icons, let alone have them stay where I put them.
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    Hello Paul, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    You have separate settings on the desktop.

    • Right click or press and hold on an empty area of your desktop.
    • Click/tap on View.
    • Click/tap to uncheck Auto arrange icons and Align icons to grid.

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    Hope this helps,
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    Thank you so much for this!

    Having files jump around so that they can't easily be found during routine copying, pasting, and renaming was driving me crazy. I can understand why MS would want this always on for the average user to stay organized, but for a power user with a lot of things to catalog it is intensely maddening to be unable to shut off auto-arrange.

    Do you think it would be possible in the future to be able to shut off auto-arrange in all view modes? Also, it would be helpful to have the option for pasted files to show up as highlighted/selected. These are minor concerns though in comparison to having auto-arrange always moving files away from where I am working or where they can be easily located, so again thank you for unbreaking this aspect of Windows 8.
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    You're most welcome Harbl, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    Unfortunately disabling auto arrange is still not available in a library, content view, list view so far.

    Anything you paste in an opened folder should remain highlighted by default already until you click on something else.
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    Allow tweaking autoarrange & disable full row select

    Hi those registry tweaks only worked for win7, since I upgraded to win8, applying them,
    will bring both options to "any folder's context menu" (align to grid / auto arrange icons)
    in windows 8, "greyed out" & "unusable", and those 2 context menus options disappear
    on next reboot if I apply the patches made for win7 below .. .


    & this disables auto arrange, but doesn't offer a choice for different folders,
    the 2 context menu settings are still greyed out:
    Windows Explorer Auto Arrange - Disable in Windows 8
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Windows Explorer Auto Arrange - Disable in Windows 8
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