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User Profiles - Relocate to another Partition or Disk

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    Windows 8 pro

    Hi Kari please help me am trying to relocate my user files to my secondary hdd as only have 60gb ssd as os which I did successfully on windows 7 ultimate no probs.

    Windows 8 I got to saving the script and booting out of audit mode and when it reboots it comes up with error audit couldn't save script due to something in powers shell????

    Please help as I changed the edition I had to windows 8 pro in the script and also the destination drive but no joy???

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    Windows 8 pro

    This what happened to me did you fix the problem or find a solution??
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    Windows 8

    This tutorial totally messed up my install of windows 8 pro.
    Stuck in an infinite loop of "windows could not complete the installation. To install windows on this computer, restart the installation."
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    Windows 8 Pro

    Yeh i was advised not to continue down this road as its akin to starting off on the wrong foot. Even if u do manage to resolve the issues now there's no guarantee that further down the road things wont get weird all over again.
    My advice, reinstall and let win 8 win.
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    Windows 8

    Resetting right now... I think I'll go this route instead sounds much simpler/safer:

    How To Change User Profile Location in Windows 8 without Registry Hack
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    Windows 8 Pro / Arch Linux

    Hi all
    I installed Windows 8 on a 64GB SSD and user profile on a 1TB HDD. This is the procedure I have used. I mention that I used the same process with Windows 7 without any errors.
    By convention, the Windows disk is "C: \", the other "D: \".
    I moved these folders in C: "C:\Users", "C:\PerfLogs", "C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution", "\C:\Windows\Installer" and "C: \ pagefile.sys" (I prefer to keep out the swap file SSD)
    At user prompt creation press [Shift] + [F10]
    type the following:
    1. - robocopy "C:\Users" "D:\Users" /E /COPYALL /XJ
    - rmdir "C:\Users" /S /Q
    - mklink /J "C:\Users" "D:\Users"
    2. - mkdir "D:\WiNSyS"
    - robocopy "C:\PerfLogs" "D:\WiNSyS\PerfLogs" /E /COPYALL /XJ
    - rmdir "C:\PerfLogs" /S /Q
    - mklink /J "C:\PerfLogs" "D:\WiNSyS\PerfLogs"
    3. - robocopy "C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution" "D:\WiNSyS\SoftwareDistribution" /E /COPYALL /XJ
    - rmdir "C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution" /S /Q
    - mklink /J "C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution" "D:\WiNSyS\SoftwareDistribution"
    4. - robocopy "C:\Windows\Installer" "D:\WiNSyS\Installer" /E /COPYALL /XJ
    - rmdir "C:\Windows\Installer" /S /Q
    - mklink /J "C:\Windows\Installer" "D:\WiNSyS\Installer"

    In the same way you can move other folders: "MSOCache" (created by MS Office) Recovery (if any), "ProgramData"
    Close the command prompt and continue normal installation.
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    Windows 8

    Have you had any problems with Start Screen apps by doing this? I setup a junction and everything seemed to be working fine with the exception that the Photos & Music app's didn't seem to know where the files were. By adding the new drive location to the library the apps then found "My Picture" & "My Music", but I'm not sure why this didn't work with the junction in the first place.

    Any ideas??
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    Windows 8

    I was able to successfully move the user profiles and Program Data to another drive. Thanks to you Kari. However Windows Store stopped working after I moved the Program Data folder. I was also unable to change PC settings. After some fiddling around I found a solution. Just create a junction in C Drive (I mean your system drive where Windows 8 is installed), restart the computer and your Windows Store and everything else will start working.
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    Code doesn't work anymore

    Hello i think my pc must have rebooted to the last part, but now it ask again for the productcode key. Was this the case for other people as well ?
    But when I type in one of the 2 keys i have purchased it says (translated from dutch): This code does not work for this edition of Windows. Try another code.
    I first bought the Windows pro dvd 32/64 bits for around 50 euros. And also I used my windows xp license from my laptop and installed xp on my desktop and bought another win8 pro license. Both codes don't work and I also don't know which one I used with this installation anymore.

    But i think there was also 30 day support included, maybe now is the time to use that.
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    I didn't see that I could skip this. K looked liked it worked! I have my users on the new drive, I was also searching this tutorial for xcopy because i tought with windows 7 you had too manually copy the user dirs ? And looks like my windows is still activated but I have media center installed I think that must have been the problem.
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User Profiles - Relocate to another Partition or Disk
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