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User Profiles - Relocate to another Partition or Disk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunnoekun View Post
    I moved my user folder back to its original location and updated to Windows 8.1 via Windows store.
    However, now I can't moved it back to my D: drive because "sysprep cannot be used on an upgraded Windows". I tried deleting HKLM\System\Setup\Upgrade from the register but I still cannot use sysprep.

    Is there any other solutions to relocate User folder or solve sysprep problem?
    Exact same problem here. I also deleted HKLM\System\Setup\Upgrade from the registry to no avail. I would really like to know a solution for this.

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    Hi all - I've a question about permissions...

    I originally moved the Users folder to D:\ as per the instructions and last night moved it back to C:\ so I could install 8.1. However now I have moved it back I seem to have a lot of permission problems. Google Chrome and Dropbox for example complain that they can no longer read/access something so I'm guessing that my old account has lost permissions needed on the moved User folder. Anyone have advice about what permissions are required within the users folders?
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    New to the forum, Kari your layout was great and the system has worked perfectly. However when I went to upgrade to 8.1 it will not let me, get a user data location error, any way around this? Sure now that I post this I see the posts above... I have my OS on a SSD and don't have room to move all the user data back, is there a simpler way than what I am thinking?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gnusman View Post
    I had updated to 8.1 without moving my User folder. But it did require few steps before doing update
    Follow the guide Here to change (using regedit) the default locations of the user profiles to %SystemDrive%\Users.
    Create a new TEMP user with MS account as admin.
    Login to windows with newly created TEMP account.
    Update windows through Store, doing all the steps under the new TEMP account.
    When update is finished change the registry for your profile back to old location (supposedly another drive).
    Restart and login with your old account (the one you actually use).
    Previously created account can be deleted (incl. all the data/files).

    No problem with an old (moved) account, but potentially there will be a need to reinstall all windows metro apps like mail, calendar, etc. Other apps like games work without problem.

    I had to modify these steps and I got it to work and update to 8.1. After the update I had no problem with metro apps they all updated automatically. This took me about 4 hrs to figure out I will layout the basic steps from memory.

    As a note I sysprepped my original install and moved just the user profiles and not Program file. During my copying parts I did have some files that I had issues with that I resolved separately. I assume those because I didn't use safe mode to copy and they were locked.

    1. Create a local account (yes do this before you change anything in regedit. I ran into User Profile service problems if I created users after the fact). Give this account Local Admin by adding to the Administrators group. Make sure you can log into this account.
    2. (I didn't do this step exactly but this is what should be done). Boot into Safe mode easiest way is to use msconfig
    3. Log in with the new local admin and copy all other accounts to the normal spot on the c drive.
    4. Log out and log into your normal user (presumably admin priveleges) and copy the temp admin user to the c drive.
    5. Now modify the registry. You must do both option 1 and 2. Follow the guide Here to change (using regedit) the default locations of the user profiles to%SystemDrive%\Users.
    6. Exit Safe mode
    7. Log into your normal account or the temp admin. I used temp admin
    8. Goto windows store and start the win 8.1 install. Once you get past verifying then it should complete.
    9. After it installs you be asked to log in I used the tempo admin account. You should see the metro apps update.
    10. I also logged in to my normal account to make sure it updated.
    11. Go back to safe mode
    12. Log in with the temp admin account.
    13. Copy all the user directories to the original spot you had them. I assume Microsoft installed or updated stuff there.
    14. Sign out and sign in with your normal user and copy the Temp admin's user directory back to the orginal spot
    15. Use regedit again to revert back your changes. Found in step 5
    16. Exit safe more
    17. Enter normal boot mode and log in with your normal user.
    18. You can now move or delete the user accounts you had to copy. I backed mine up to the data drive. The update installs some extra users I think to the c:\users so don't mess with those.

    Well thats it. Once again this is from memory and about 4 hours after I got it work.

    Good luck
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    I've just run into the same issue upgrading to Windows 8.1.

    I've used this method to relocate User folders on many machines and it works a treat, but if it's going to be necessary to go through this every time MS releases a new OS it's hardly worth the effort. I'm seriously considering not bothering with the update to 8.1 anyway in view of the hassle involved in this 'fix', but I wonder what other problems will arise - After all, this was written 'from memory' and has only been up for a day. I have serious reservations about any procedure involving manually copying user data as it's caused me major headaches in past and the problems don't always surface until long after you think it's all OK.

    Let's see if others find this works for them and if any problems arise later on down the line.

    It would be interesting to get Kari's view on this as the author of the tutorial.
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    Rather wait

    I agree that for as great as this option is to move data and it keeping my SSD to a min usage it is an issue if upgrades fail. I have my system right where I want it and will skip the upgrade if it risks my setup.
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    Well just trying to provide back to the community. Hopefully someone will find this helpful. Microsoft at least currently does not support moved user profiles to another drive in an upgrade scenario. So your only option is to wait for a full 8.1 ISO and sysprep that as a full install or do a work around as an upgrade like I provided.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlkalineGood View Post
    Well just trying to provide back to the community. Hopefully someone will find this helpful. Microsoft at least currently does not support moved user profiles to another drive in an upgrade scenario. So your only option is to wait for a full 8.1 ISO and sysprep that as a full install or do a work around as an upgrade like I provided.
    Seriously appreciate your efforts and submission just not ready to tackle nor have time at the moment to do this. It's great to know that what you did works and is the best idea I have found so far.
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    Could we try this?

    Hoping one of the Forum Gods can help here,

    Im one of those that did a clean install of W8 Pro and moved Users and Program Data to my /D drive without any problems and apps working just fine. Updates are also no problem, however I cannot do the MS Store 8.1 upgrade as we all know by now with this setup.
    Since it is working smoothly, Im wondering if I can repeat the process and do a clean install of 8.1 from an ISO file and also move BOTH Users and Program Data over to D the way I did with W8 Pro which was accomplished following the original instructions on page 1 posted by Kari(topic of this thread). After completing that, I then had to follow Anthony Flecks instructions(page 9 of this thread) in order to get my apps working.

    The only new addition to this method is obtaining the proper setup files from MSFT to do a clean install of 8.1

    So in order:


    User Profiles - Relocate to another Partition or Disk

    Last(from Anthony Fleck, page 9 of this thread):

    1) WinKey+R to launch the run dialog
    2) regedit (press ctrl+shift+enter to run in elevated mode)
    3) HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Appx
    4) Right click on Appx and edit permissions
    5) Click Advanced
    6) At the top it says Owner: xxxxx Change
    7) Click Change
    8) Add yourself as an owner
    9) Apply new settings, Ok
    10) Give yourself permissions as Full Control
    11) Apply, Ok
    12) Right click PackageRepositoryRoot registry key and click Modify
    13) Change the C:\ to your new drive. In my case it looks like this: D:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\AppRepository
    14) Click Ok
    15) Restart Windows

    Any feedback on this is much appreciated

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User Profiles - Relocate to another Partition or Disk
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