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User Profiles - Relocate to another Partition or Disk

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    Windows 8 Pro

    Hard to say without actually having the disk :-).

    I have never seem a one time OEM install disk so am reluctant to offer advice. In my experience, CD/DVDs that come with OEM installs are normally reusable. Perhaps your hardware vendor could tell you whether it is possible to use your CD/DVD as ISO media for the purposes of this task?

    What you need is a disk with the install.wim file on it, this ought to be in the "Sources" sub-folder.

    Good luck!

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    windows 8

    I have windows 8 oem, but i have been running windows update many times. Will i be able to synprep my computer if i reinstall windows 8?
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    My laptop came with Windows 8 already installed and so I do not have any installation media with the software on. Is there any way I can still do this?
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    windows 8

    I have windows 8 oem, but i have been running windows update many times. Will i be able to synprep my computer if i reinstall windows 8? And if i am installing windows for the first time, should i install drivers for the motherboard and such first, before i sysprep my computer? And can i move the relocate.rar file to a usb thumbdrive?
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    K. Tivon, Israel
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    Win 8.1 x64

    The Answer File XML should include the letter of the target drive and the letter of the DVD/CD drive.
    How can I know in advance before installing the operating system what will be the letters that will be assigned to these drives?
    I'm going to install Win8 on a new PC I've just build, never been installed with any OS.
    (hope it is not a silly question)
    Tnx in advance
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    Windows 8.1 Professional

    <cpi:offlineImage cpi:source="wim:F:/sources/install.wim#Windows 8" xmlns:cpi="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:cpi" />

    My installation media contains install.ESD instead of WIM, can I continue with this process?
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    Windows 8 Pro

    Hi fellow movers and shifters of folders!

    As our illustrious author seems no longer to be following this thread, the following page and discussion may also be of help:

    Unleash Windows especially Isolate Windows in its own partition

    There is also a useful discussion here, if you can be bothered reading the whole thread: Win7&#58; how do I move user folder to a different drive - Microsoft Community

    - this traverses Windows 7 and 8 issues and addresses some issues that have arisen for people in this discussion. Be warned however it is a little bit disjointed in places.

    Hope that is of some help
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    Windows 8.1 Enterprise


    Has anyone managed to get this to work with Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition?

    I tried to run sysprep with the relocate.xml file, however I get the message "Windows could not parse or process unattend answer file C:\relocate.xml The answer file is invalid. The error was detected at line 11 column 1 of the answer file.


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    Windows 8 x64

    Hey guys been using the forum for some time without registering and must say great tutorial. I'd like to ask a question, it's mentioned that this won't work for versions that have been upgraded. My problem is kind of the opposite. I did this on Windows 8 Standard some time ago and it worked like a charm. Now I want to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro but I'd like to know if it's going to cause me any trouble at all since I don't fancy reinstalling everything all over again. Thanks in advance!
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    64-bit Windows 10

    Hello mrvlhs, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    I would recommend to move the profiles back to C before upgrading to Pro to make sure that they carry over.
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User Profiles - Relocate to another Partition or Disk
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