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User Profiles - Relocate to another Partition or Disk

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    A Finnish ex-pat in Leipzig, Germany
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    Hi Rotegirte, welcome to the Seven Forums.

    Answer is no, you do not need to copy anything to it. That's just bad wording from my side. What I meant is that it is OK if the drive or partition you use for Users folder has something on it already when doing this, but be sure there is enough free space.

    I edited the part of tutorial you quoted, it says now: Notice that the drive or partition don't have to be empty.


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    Windows 8

    Thanks for this amazing guide, I currently have a windows 8 installation that i'd been using for a while. I moved only the users folder using this guide, and I didn't move ProgramData, yet after doing that all my metro apps seem not to work. Some of them load up, but can't connect to internet, while others don't even load, any idea why that is?
    Just realised some software like my copy of CS6 have also stopped working
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    Trouble with Sysprep

    I used your updated Feb 2013 tutorial to run sysprep. I confirmed that Program Data was not relocated, however I am having similar problems as mentioned by other members (apps that don't work, Change PC Settings that doesn't work properly. After going through just about all the threads associated with you tutorial, I ran across this one concerning an upgrade of the windows system.

    I had a lot of trouble with my new computer (two months old now) with various problems where I had to get Dell Computer to send me a reinstallation disk. I had to use it several times to get the computer configured the way I wanted it (trying to find an imaging program that worked with Secure Boot, repartitioning the drive so that I could keep my data separate from the operating system). Since I have had to reinstall from the original Dell Windows 8 disk, does this mean that I am unable to use your sysprep procedure within a post installation environment, or do I need to start over with your procedure during a clean install?.

    I just wanted to confirm whether my situation is the same as those in this thread regarding an "upgraded PC".

    Thank you,
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    Win 8

    Maybe of some use

    Hey to Kari and others, thanks for letting me be apart of something good here.
    I know as much about computers as someone stumbling in the night. I'll take my
    licks to learn though. I do have common sense and try to figure things out on
    my own as with most of you from what I've read in 20 pages so far.
    I haven't herd anyone mention this guys approach to more or less the
    things posted in this topic and would like to know your take on this
    method, Kari. Isolate Windows 7 in its own partition He does mention he
    has tested it on Windows 8 also. He says you can do it on an new install or
    existing system running already. He does state::"it does break the Start Screen
    I'm using StartIsBack, and don't use the Start Screen or any Apps I'm using the
    Desktop exclusively". If you read it all the way through he does tell what you
    will get and the trade off of getting there (what you won't have). If you want
    to do one thing or all the things he states the order and steps but, its not a
    thorough guide as yours was Kari. I read in another forum he had this running on
    several computers since two years ago.
    I dont know if posting a link is alright in this forum as I'm new here. So
    if my post gets edited I'll give you this, do a google search for "set 7 free"
    It will be the only listing with all the words and I find it on the top of page.
    Maybe Kari if it has any merit this could be a project or more insight to moving
    Program Data, Program Files, Program FilesX86. I don't know but, I thought you
    and others might like to know this.
    About me I'm 56yo Wt male and live in the midwest of USA, never used a
    computer before 2009, haven't known the XP OS I read so much respect for,
    Vista was my first OS, I like Windows 8 but without a touch screen I could do
    without the Metro and the Apps part. I use Start8 for a start menu and looking
    to put Win8 OS partitioned on it's own. My drink is a Bacardi and Coke w twist
    of lime and a Heineken chaser.
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    Win 8

    now I know

    Sorry for the link. I'm new!
    Don't beat me Master

    I remember reading not to put one liners so I'm make this longer with a question.

    Kari where all that smoke coming from in your picture, your cigs not glowing but,
    I see your helmet - you sitting on a 2 stroke

    Kari I'll make you a promise - - - - If I try something I read about in eightforums
    and break my rig you or anyone else won't hear a word from me about it. That's
    not saying I wont ask you about getting to point D when I don't know enough B,
    and C . Okay it's a deal...
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    A Finnish ex-pat in Leipzig, Germany
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    Hello Alan and Gass, welcome to the Eight Forums.

    @ Alan:
    Reinstall is a clean install, you can (should be able to ) sysprep your PC. You cannot sysprep an upgraded Windows, for instance if you had a Seven and in-place upgraded Eight keeping your files, or if you have had to do a so called repair install.

    If you still want to move the Users folder, you need to reinstall once again and try again, this time doinf the relocation already while installing as told in the tutorial. Alternatively you could do the relocation following this Seven Forums tutorial: User Folders - Change Default Location - Windows 7 Help Forums. It needs a bit more work as each first level subfolder in your user profile folder needs to be separately moved but it is a fail proof method.

    @ Gass:
    I read that, for me the method has simply too much hassle. And, of course, I would never move Program Files, I have too many negative experiences in testing that.

    The avatar is a cropped detail from this:

    Click image for larger version

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    Win 8

    Wow, I had asked you some questions and went to read on the subject to ask intelligent questions. Came back about an hour later and tried to submit them. Said I didn't have permission to do that or access the page? and when I logged in again my post was toast.

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Happy Easter to you Kari and eightforumers

    PS. Kari nice RED ride ...
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    Win 8

    Hey to Kari and Eightforumers,
    Bear with me here, My question is can you move the Program Data, Program Files, and Program Filesx86 path to another partition on the same Volume (drive). Then if that is possible what can one expect out of their system (will the system be stable). If not will it be fixable to make the system work this way.
    I understand that this is not possible when moving these paths to another Volume (drive), because of Hard-Links but what about the same Volume? Why would I want to do this you ask- - to bring the system partition down to as small a size as possible. I know you can assign the install paths of programs to another partition except for (is it called hard coded programs) where the programmer has made the installation to C:/ drive only. This is one reason I seek a method to do this, so all programs install to other than the system partition. No I don't an SSD and I know in having one this would not accomplish much. I have a 500GB HDD and a 3TB HDD. I would like to have a system partition of 50GB or less, Program Data-Program Files-Program Filesx86 on a 150GB partition, and a users partition of the remainder space (275GB more or less). The 3TB drive as Data for large audio and video files. Does anyone know how to do this or anyone with a set up close to this being done. I await all answers, Pro's and Con's...Thanks Gass
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    A Finnish ex-pat in Leipzig, Germany
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    Quote Originally Posted by Gass View Post
    Hey to Kari and Eightforumers,
    Bear with me here, My question is can you move the Program Data, Program Files, and Program Filesx86 path to another partition on the same Volume (drive). Then if that is possible what can one expect out of their system (will the system be stable). If not will it be fixable to make the system work this way. ...
    It can be done but as the relocation of Program Files and Program Files (x86) includes too many risks and hazards, so much can go wrong, I refuse to discuss the subject as I have told earlier both here and at Seven Forums. I see no logics in advising in destroying a Windows installation. About relocating ProgramData, you only need to read this thread to see where it leads.

    A question for you: Do you know how small your Program Files and Program Files (x86) folders actually are? Most users are surprised to find out their Program Files folders take only a few gigs of HD space, especially if they keep changing the install location of applications when possible. Moving them would not save as much of HD space as people seem to think.

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    Trouble with Sysprep

    You had recommended in Thread Item #195 to try an alternate approach to sysprep in SevenForums Tutorial 18629, "How to Change the Default Location of User Profiles". Although it was somewhat more trouble than your Tutorial 4275, it worked very well. As you may remember, I had to reinstall my Windows 8 system several times after I received my new computer 3 months ago. When I used your sysprep procedure it did what it was supposed to do: it moved all the user files as needed, however although I did as requested to not move ProgramData, my computer had trouble with apps and with Change PC Settings. So I recovered my most recent backup image and was successful in using the SevenForums Tut 18629.

    This is of course strictly up to you, but if I might make a suggestion. In the preamble to your sysprep procedure, you might want to consider adding a note that if a person's computer was upgraded from Windows 7, or if the owner had been forced to reinstall Windows 8 and had problems such as mine, the owner may want to consider using the SevenForums procedure. Your sysprep procedure is definitely easier and will certainly work in most cases, but the other procedure could be a fallback if the owner had problems such as mine. This, of course, is your call.

    Thanks again for your help.
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User Profiles - Relocate to another Partition or Disk
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