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Hyper-V Enhanced Session Mode - Turn On or Off

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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    Hello and thank you for your precious help
    I would like to know why the access to redirected drives is so slow with enhanced session mode, it should be faster through RDP and VMbus to get to \\TSclient\drive !
    I am using Win 8.1 pro Client Hyper V, VM is on separate SSD, 4 Gb RAM.
    I have only one NIC shared with host, but my previous board had two NIC with one dedicated to VM and it was slow too...
    Do you have to wait when using explorer to open a folder containing many files ?
    Any setting to change in VMBUs Network Adapter ?

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    Windows 10

    Hello all,

    I know this is an up but I could use your help.
    I thin I have a similar issue than roachslayer.

    I have two VMs in Windows 10, hosted in a Windows 10 workstation. Both appears to have the same configuration (Generation 2, etc.).
    However in one of them I can use Enhanced Mode (with audio, copy-paste, etc.) but not on the other.
    I did all steps explained previously but I still can't get the Display window to configure Local Resources.

    Any idea ?
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Hyper-V Enhanced Session Mode - Turn On or Off
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