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Apps - Close in Windows 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brink View Post
    Hello Vadim, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    What do you mean by "sticky mouse"?

    Are you able to close the app using one of the other options?
    I mean ClickLock in Mouse Properties menu.

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    Interesting. It will not close for me either by dragging with ClickLock turned on.
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    Also noteworthy about the new April 2014 (8.2? 8.1.1?) update: The new disappearing title bar in "Metro" apps may be more understandable and discoverable than the hand icon (which no longer appears now, BTW) at the top of the screen was, but people should know that using the "X" icon on this bar still "suspends" the app instead of terminating it; the "drag to the floor and wait for it to flip" gesture is still necessary to truly close a Metro app. (I hate that Microsoft has now formalized a program behavior that I've always considered bad practice. To me, clicking an X at the top right always means "terminate with extreme prejudice", and any program that behaves differently is poorly written. If your program wants to hide in the tray or something, you should put a separate icon in the title bar for that; this idea of a separate icon is what Microsoft SHOULD have formalized years ago.)
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    Agreed. The X should be to completely close, and not just suspend the app.
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Apps - Close in Windows 8
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