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You've been signed in with a temporary profile - Fix

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    Brink - somehow I thought this forum is for Windows 10 - anyway I'm using windows 10 and I see there is another long thread with the same problems on the windowsten forums!!!

    So After restarting, each account says welcome for a while then back to "preparing Windows'.

    I am really frustrated with this now. I have no idea what to do next. about eight hours lost today so far.

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    That's ok. Since this is for Windows 10, let's continue this at the tutorial below instead.

    You've been signed in with a temporary profile - Fix - Windows 10 User Accounts Tutorials
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    Hi! I just encountered this problem and I wanna try these steps but I can't completely delete the C:\Users\(user-name) profile folder. A dialog box will appear saying "You require permission from SYSTEM to make changes to this folder." And also "The folder contains items whose names are too long for the destination folder." The only folder left in there is the AppData. I am also signed in to an administrator account when doing this step. Please help me solve this problem. Thank you!!
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    Hello Pmerriles, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    The main thing is to have the correct path of your user profile folder in the ProfileImagePath value of the SID key for the account.
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    Hi! I need some help. So this happened to my girlfriend's computer three days ago. I was cleaning her computer and used Ccleaner and then Malwarebytes (which I use every week on my computer and works great) and I did all that I do normally. The problem is that when I restarted the computer, I had this problem. The temporary profile. So I've looked up online and fixed the issue. So it doesn't run as a temporary profile anymore. The problem that when it logged in as a temporary profile, all the images, documents, folders on desktop, etc, all had disappeared. Now that the user is no longer on temporary profile, the problem still persists. The background image changed to the windows 10 original and all folders and filles are gone. The one thing that it's good is that if I go to the local disk C:/Users/Carolina/Desktop, it's all there, but when I'm the work area it's not. Is there a way to get it all back as it was or should I just drag them back?

    Thanks for the help.
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    Hello AWPT, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    It sounds like Windows may have setup a new profile folder for her instead of using her original C:/Users/Carolina folder.

    Double check to make sure the correct C:/Users/Carolina profile folder is set as the ProfileImagePath value for the SID key without .bak at the end for this account.

    This will have Windows use the correct profile folder for the account, and hopefully have everything back.
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You've been signed in with a temporary profile - Fix
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