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How to Resize a Tile on Start Screen in Windows Phone 8

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On your Windows Phone, Start is your home base: you can keep all of your important stuff as tiles right where you need it, and be able to perform a task with only a tap or two.

You can resize tile sizes so you can pack a lot of apps into a small space or have an expanded live tile. All Tiles can be shrunk to the smallest size, and many can be expanded to span the width of the Start screen.

This tutorial will show you how to resize tiles on the Start screen to a selected size you want in Windows Phone 8.

Here's How:

1. Open your Start screen, and press and hold on the tile (ex: Photos) you want to resize. (see screenshot below)

Click image for larger version

2. Tap the Resize Name:  resize-arrow.png
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Click image for larger version

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3. When you're finished, you can do either action below to set the tile's size. (see screenshot below)

  • Tap on an empty space on the Start screen.
  • Press the Start button at the bottom of the phone in the center.

Click image for larger version

Name:  Windows_Phone_8_buttons.jpg
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4. If you like, you can keep resizing until all your tiles are set to what you want them to be.

That's it,