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Time Synchronization - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

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    64-bit Windows 10

    I'm probably at least a couple of hours or so north of you, but that's ok.

    I don't blame you with a multi-boot. I'm still guessing McAfee may be blocking it. Do you have it installed on all OS installation?

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    time sync ..

    yes, aol and aol version of mcafee on all 3 installs .. I have not done the turn off thee sync box on the ianstalls yet .. I was going to print the reinstall win 8 bit of yours and the printer wouldn't turned out that one of the usb ports is dead .. so I am back to basics again ... Will be in touch after I do the next promised test ... tnx ... J
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    win 8.1

    time sync..

    ok I turned off the auto sync in all 3 installs and tried the sync on win 8.1 and no soap .. I previously mentioned that I totally uninstalled the mcafee and that did not help .. also I connected with a simple dial up modem with the cable modem disconnected and tried to sync .. that di not work is it possible that here is acommunication problem between the bios and the os.. the bios is a common base for all os .. I upgraded the bios a few months ago and I can't honestly say the last time I looked at the sync function and recognized it as working . .. But, I am sure that it previously rmember that it did work but not when .. I am not sure it has worked since I installed win 8 . I bot the disk for win 8 and installed it may 2013 and added win 8.1 and media center on april 2014 that was the time I started to use win 8 regularly .. I gradually got the start menu and other features pretty close to win 7 and have not used win 7 very much since then .. I did have couple programs that I used in win 7 but have gotten work arounds , so I could dump the win 7 os's ..But since they are not eating any hay . I keep them for spare tires .. Where is Einstein when you need him .. Remember whebn I was working for a living .. we would get these unsolvable rpoblems in the plant and some bur headed techie would come in and say did you try x on x off .. again thanks for your hand ,, john
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    Ok. Try one of the default time servers. The server works good for me, and I'm from the same location as you. You may need to click on the Update now button more than once if it doesn't sync the first time.

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    When I try the server like in your screenshot, I get the same error.
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    win 8.1

    time symc

    I tried it about 10 times on the win8.1 os usig the site .. most times I GOT THE TIMED OUT NOTICE AND ONCE I GOT THE PEER IS UNREACHABLE .. produced the timed out note ..

    Another clsed door tested ..

    I have a power problem so I will be tied up for a bit .. I will think on the thing while I muck with the new stuff.. tnx John
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    I'm getting the exact same problem as jee1804. It was a win8 machine now upgraded to win10 (same problem). A separate win7 laptop on the same LAN has the same problem. Two Linux machines on the same LAN can use ntp just fine. The win7 laptop used to work with a previous low latency ISP. The problem seems to be related to the windows 7 onwards time service on a very high latency satellite internet ISP. Edit: Booted an old XP machine that used internet time just fine for a decade. On a high latency satellite internet ISP it now fails to get internet time.

    • Using the "Atomic Clock Sync 3.5" "Sync Now" button works as it probably bypasses the windows time service.
    • Using the "Atomic Clock Sync 3.5" "Sync Time" button fails as it uses the windows time service.
    • Using "Windows Time Agent from Greyware Automation Products" (GUI for windows time service) times out almost instantly on all time servers much before a roundtrip on a high latency satellite internet connection could possibly complete.
    • jee1804 reproduced the timeout problem on a high latency dialup connection
    • Using cmdtime3.exe a command line ntp client works as it bypasses the windows time service.

    The windows time service debug log file (easily viewed with Windows Time Agent) shows very little delay between sending a packet and declaring there is no response. How can we configure this timeout value?
    151511 03:15:50.3714794s - PeerPollingThread: WaitTimeout
    151511 03:15:50.3715735s - PeerPollingThread: waiting 0.004s
    151511 03:15:50.3871144s - PeerPollingThread: WaitTimeout
    151511 03:15:50.3872475s - Polling peer,0x9 (ntp.m|0x9|>
    151511 03:15:50.3873187s - Sending packet to,0x9 (ntp.m|0x9|> in Win2K detect mode, stage 1.
    151511 03:15:50.3876047s - PollIntervalChange(,0x9 (ntp.m|0x9|> adjust: (--) -> 7
    151511 03:15:50.3878377s - No response from peer,0x9 (ntp.m|0x9|>
    151511 03:15:50.3879161s - 5 Age:5 Ofs:+00.0000000s Dly:+00.0000000s RDly:+00.0000000s Dsp:16.0000000s RDsp:00.0000000s Pnt:00.0001664s Dst:16.0001664s FDsp:08.0000000s
    151511 03:15:50.3880102s - 4 Age:4 Ofs:+00.0000000s Dly:+00.0000000s RDly:+00.0000000s Dsp:16.0000000s RDsp:00.0000000s Pnt:00.0001664s Dst:16.0001664s FDsp:12.0000000s
    151511 03:15:50.3881013s - 3 Age:3 Ofs:+00.0000000s Dly:+00.0000000s RDly:+00.0000000s Dsp:16.0000000s RDsp:00.0000000s Pnt:00.0001664s Dst:16.0001664s FDsp:14.0000000s
    151511 03:15:50.3881928s - 2 Age:2 Ofs:+00.0000000s Dly:+00.0000000s RDly:+00.0000000s Dsp:16.0000000s RDsp:00.0000000s Pnt:00.0001664s Dst:16.0001664s FDsp:15.0000000s
    151511 03:15:50.3882839s - 1 Age:1 Ofs:+00.0000000s Dly:+00.0000000s RDly:+00.0000000s Dsp:16.0000000s RDsp:00.0000000s Pnt:00.0001664s Dst:16.0001664s FDsp:15.5000000s
    151511 03:15:50.3883763s - 0 Age:0 Ofs:+00.0000000s Dly:+00.0000000s RDly:+00.0000000s Dsp:16.0000000s RDsp:00.0000000s Pnt:00.0000000s Dst:16.0000000s FDsp:15.7500000s
    151511 03:15:50.3884733s - Logging information: NtpClient has not received response from server,0x9 (ntp.m|0x9|>
    151511 03:15:50.3885233s - Peer poll: Max:604800.0000000s (special) Cur:00.0000000s
    151511 03:15:50.3885894s - PeerPollingThread: waiting 604800.000s
    151511 03:16:04.8721438s - W32TmServiceMain: timeout
    Workaround: Disable the windows time service and schedule a task to run cmdtime3.exe periodically.
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Time Synchronization - Turn On or Off in Windows 8
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