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    Vista and Win7

    Quote Originally Posted by Hopachi View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by whs View Post
    The nice part with the partition sharing is that it also works for my Linux (Zorin) VMware partition. Here it is even more useful right now because I have not yet figured out how to get the VMware tool installed in the Zorin partition. That is another todo.
    I have Zorin as well.

    Just "install tools" and the cd will get mounted to desktop in Zorin.
    You have to locally extract the tar/gz archive.

    Then open a terminal cd (change directory) to the extracted tools folder and run the*.pl file as root ("sudo ./ then just enter yes or no (the defaults are great choices to begin with) and then reboot the VM and you are done.
    Thanks, I'll try again. My problem was that I could not find the damn CD.

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    Windows 8.1

    Hello, I signed up just to ask this, I really want to get my hands on this new preview and I have had this same issue before installing other versions of windows so I really don't want to tackle this annoying problem all over again, anyways here is my info:

    Installing on VMware Player:
    4gb Ram
    Dual Core
    75 GB HDD
    Iso from here: Windows 8.1 Preview ISO files - Microsoft Windows
    64bit Version
    I partitioned my Hard Drive and made a 80gb one and I installed it on here, now the problem is it boots up and when I click "Install' it says "No device drivers were found. Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, and then click OK." It gives me two option:
    Nothing more, the next button is faded out. Any suggestions?
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    Multi-Boot-PCs W7_Pro_x64 W8.1_Pro_x64 W10_Pro_x64

    Thanks Shawn for another great tutorial.

    I'm not sure if this is somewhere in the replies to the tutorial, but here is something I'll note ...

    I installed Win 8.1 x64 in a Win 7 x64 Host.
    I had problems with Windows Updates where some updates succeeded and some failed (and it was slow).
    It took me at least 5 Update/Reboot cycles to get all updates installed.

    I created a new 8.1 VM and reinstalled the same ISO.
    I changed the default VMware Network Adapter setting from NAT to Bridged.
    With this setting, I have no problems with Windows Updates.
    One Update/Reboot installed all 28 updates ...

    Click image for larger version
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    64-bit Windows 10

    Thank you David.

    What type of network connection/setup do you have on the computer?
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    Multi-Boot-PCs W7_Pro_x64 W8.1_Pro_x64 W10_Pro_x64

    I have at&t Uverse 12 Mbps Down / 1.5 Mbps Up, with a at&t supplied 2Wire Gateway (modem).
    The PC specs I'm testing on are my specs in Seven Forums user DavidW7ncus.
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    64-bit Windows 10

    Doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary, but glad to hear that bridging helped for you and hopefully others with the same issue.

    I'm using Hyper-V in Windows 8.1, and so far I find it much better. You might give it a play with to see how you like it.

    Hyper-V - How to Use in Windows 8
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    Multi-Boot-PCs W7_Pro_x64 W8.1_Pro_x64 W10_Pro_x64

    Perhaps I'm confused, but isn't Hyper-V used if Win 8.1 is the Host ?
    I'm using Win 7 as the Host and Win 8 is a Guest OS.
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    Have read through this thread following whs advice elswhere in

    As a beginner (doing my research first)

    Q1: Some questions to older posts ...
    VMware does not recognise eSATA ... my laptop is USB2 only.
    I am seriously considering eSATA (to replace a twitchy USB2 portable spinner) for my laptop data (most of it anyway)
    Q2: Post #62 by Hopachi has made me little concerned about host-data loss (if I understand the implications correctly).
    My intended test machine is a basic Toshiba laptop (Satellite C665) USB2 only
    Q3: If VMware Player is installed on my PC/laptop can guests be created on an external drive ? eg USB2 drives or eSATA
    Q4: If I use a Win7 ISO for any guest, is the installed ISO a trial version.
    I have read elsewhere to make an image of the guest, and if the guest falls over I just re-instate the image ?
    - am I on the right path ?

    GrayGhost2 on

    I would appreciate any help ... thank you
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    Is VMware Player installed as Administrator or User account ?
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    64-bit Windows 10

    Hello Bawldiggle, would you like your user name changed to "GrayGhost2" to match at SF?

    This tutorial is for installing Windows 8/8.1 in VMware Player on an internal drive on the host computer. I wouldn't even try to install it on a USB 2.0 drive. It would run way to slow to be usable if you did.
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VMware Player - Install Windows 8
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