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Safe Mode - Add to Windows Boot Manager in Windows 8

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    Nada. Nothing on the desktop and the screen resolution is the same. Followed the tutorial to the T.

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    Harrisonburg, Va.
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    I restarted in safe mode to get this picture---

    Click image for larger version
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    OK, thanks, David.

    I did another bcdedit in Command Prompt and it shows up there. I don't get it.

    Click image for larger version
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    Hey Tony,

    It looks like you may have missed step 6C to check the Make all boot settings permanent box. While you are booted into your "Safe Mode with networking" option, repeat Option One starting at step 5 again to see if it will this time around.
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    Thanks for answering, Shawn.

    Yes, originally I did check it, got the warning, and rebooted. However upon redoing the process after noticing that and redoing then (and again just now) I found that the check box does not stay checked if that's what it supposed to do. It unckecks as soon as I press "Yes" to the "make changes permanent" warning. When I press "Ok" on the System Config box I get a restart box, of which I press "Restart" as seen below.

    When rebooting from 8.1 (the OS I'm performing this in) it reboots to the boot screen, I choose "Windows 8 Safe Mode with Networking", it restarts reverting back to BIOS, then continues into the full blown 8.1. I know that when rebooting into a different OS it'll go back to starting with the BIOS. If rebooting to the same OS it'll just continue on to the same OS. And as reported by my "bcdedit /enum /v" it's in this mode.

    Does the check box stay checked?

    Probably not, but instead of "Windows 8 Safe Mode with Networking", should it be "Windows 8.1 Safe Mode with Networking"?

    The Boot Manager file was created when installing 10TP. Would it make a difference performing it there?

    Any ideas? Should I delete the Safe Mode entry and start over?

    Click image for larger version

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    Is this set correctly? I don't ever remember changing this, however in Task Manager I did change some startup programs not to start a while back. Does change things in the General Tab or is this reconfigured due to the Safe Mode addition? I'm in the Safe Mode concurrently.

    Name:  System Config General Tab Snip.PNG
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    Yeah, the Make all boot settings permanent box doesn't stay checked. It's only checked to apply the current changes, and make them permanent until changed next.

    Yep, Selective startup remains selected no matter what mode you boot into.

    You can name the boot entry at then end of the commands in step 4 Option One anything you like. It has no affect other than the name it displays in "Choose an OS".

    It would probably be best to delete it and start over in case you may have made a mistake somewhere. Starting fresh usually helps if so.
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    LOL! I booted to my 10TP last night to find that itís in Safe Mode when I thought I was making an 8.1 Safe Mode. I checked my notes I took while doing so. The identifier number I entered during the process was correct as seen below.

    Click image for larger version

    The inherit, rcoverysequence, and resumeobject numbers match each other. Are they supposed to?

    Click image for larger version

    Any ideas as to why this would happen? I thought I was being precise with the procedure. Any suggestions before proceeding to delete the 8.1 Safe Mode entry? Iíll assume this wonít affect my 10TP.
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    From your last screenshot, it shows that you set "Windows Technical Preview" to boot into Safe Mode with the entry below.

    safeboot Minimal

    You can use the command below to remove this entry, and let Windows 10 boot normally again. Double check to make sure that the indentifier in red below is correct for your "Windows Technical Preview" boot entry though.

    Safe Mode - Start Windows 8 in

    bcdedit /deletevalue {e4e4e5fd-6ac2-11e4-a8e60d76a4cfe242e} safeboot

    You can enter the command below to make the "Windows 8 Safe Mode with Networking" boot entry to actually boot into Safe Mode with network. Double check to make sure that the indentifier in red below is correct for your "Windows 8 Safe Mode with Networking" boot entry though.

    bcdedit /set {af243625-782e-11e4-8177-001921e3e6b3} safeboot network
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    Thank you for taking the time to help me, Shawn. That all worked great. You sure know your tech!
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    You're most welcome Tony. I'm glad that got it for you.
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Safe Mode - Add to Windows Boot Manager in Windows 8
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