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Product Key - Find for Windows 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by aem View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by David Bailey View Post
    This VBS script works for me.
    It only shows the present key.
    I have my OEM key & Pro key.
    This shows my PRO key.
    If this is of no interest, please delete.

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    So this vbs script translates the pre-installed OS oem key to an actuat product key that you could use to reinstall the OS, or even use on another machine?
    Hey Justin,

    The .vbs script will show you the product key that Windows is currently activated with.
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    Hi there,I guess I can see what it gives but the key shown in Properties has OEM in it whereas on the sticker behind the battery on has letters and number which is actual product key.

    I just want to see what the script shows.

    Edit: This shows the Pro key although I thought I saw a sticker at the back of my new laptop. I don't think this key can be activated on another laptop. By phone yes but it might deactivate the existing license.

    Nice Script.

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    Hi Shawn,

    Sorry I'm only posting for mistakes but be sure that only for better eightforum

    A Windows 8 product key will not activate Windows 8.1
    is wrong. Windows 8.1 ok need new installation but in fact only a Windows 8 update. Therefore all windows 8 versions keys is legit for same Windows 8.1 edition. (For example, W8 PRO to W8.1 PRO) I'm using dozens of PC as W8.1 clean install with W8 key. Sometimes (For only first time) phone activation can be necessary but all trouble is this.
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    No problem nonpasaran. I always welcome corrections.

    I should have clarified that you couldn't directly activate Windows 8.1 with a Windows 8 key during installation. Instead, you would have to use a generic key to install Windows 8.1 with, then activate with the Windows 8 key after installation has finished.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brink View Post
    I should have clarified that you couldn't directly activate Windows 8.1 with a Windows 8 key during installation. Instead, you would have to use a generic key to install Windows 8.1 with, then activate with the Windows 8 key after installation has finished.
    Yes it's true.
    Therefore I always use ei.cfg file for skip key input screen for this limittation

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    Does the Media Centre Add-On over-write the Windows 8 Product Key? I've lost my email and trying to do a clean install, during installation I entered the key recovered and it says the key used only allows for additional features?
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    Hello juicyfruit, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    The Windows Media Center (WMC) key can only be used to add WMC again.

    You would need to activate Windows with your Windows 8 product key to activate with instead. Afterwards, you would add WMC again with your already purchased WMC key.
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    Thanks - I thought this might be the case, I'm guessing I'll have to give MS a call as I've lost the email and the only key I can retrieve is for WMC
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    Since you purchased it through Microsoft, they may be able to look it up with your credit card information.
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    All sorted, I was able to call up and have the original email sent again, this time I'll make sure to save it!
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Product Key - Find for Windows 8
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