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    Quote Originally Posted by onlytanmoy View Post
    very helpful tutorial..thanks.
    You're most welcome onlytnamoy, and thank you.
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    Batch files on the desktop/folder also work. If a folder was made somewhere with batch files, you could point a toolbar to that folder. Then you could create your own custom log off, restart, etc. toolbar. Now that I think about it, you could add any batch file to the toolbar for that matter.

    Some batch (.bat) file or cmd commands:

    for a list of different shutdown options type "shutdown" into command prompt (without quotes). Here are some examples for a batch file (.bat):

    shutdown -l = logoff (note "l​" is a lowercase "L")
    shutdown -s = shutdown
    shutdown -r = restart
    shutdown -a = aborts running shutdown
    shutdown -t 10 = shuts down in 10 seconds (10 can be changed to any number)
    shutdown -f = force close all applications and shut down
    shutdown -c "text" = shutdown with comment where text is the comment (with quotes)

    Note: command prompt might list a backslash instead of a hyphen then a letter as an option (when "shutdown" is typed) but the hyphen works.
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    thanks derek for links... preety useful
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    Pinning to Start Screen is an option

    I've chosen to Pin them onto the Metro Start Screen.

    I created the shortcuts per the links in this thread [THANKS!] and then
    moved them from my Desktop into my Start Menu folder and they appeared
    on the Metro Start Screen.

    c:\Users\Windunce\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Shutdown.lnk
    etc etc etc

    Click image for larger version
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    Looks great.

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    I'm not sure that will be their final resting place.
    Tomorrow we all start with a clean slate anyway.
    The assumption is that we're all ready for consumption.

    Consumer Preview here we come.

    I'm loading up my thumb drive with most all the tweaks, files
    and folders that I've customized over the last months.

    Getting ready to plop them into the new install.

    Fun Fun Fun
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    Updated for Windows 8 Consumer Preview.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brink View Post
    Updated for Windows 8 Consumer Preview.
    FYI...Click image for larger version

    The context menu items posted earlier still work.
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    Derek, from where do these last 2 items in the context menu come from. I don't have those.

    I use the easy method. When I want to shut down, I shut the vBox down. I find it terrible that we need a tutorial (thank you Shawn) to shut the system down. Where is the progress.
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Lock, Log off, Restart, Shut Down, Switch User - Windows 8
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