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Windows.old Folder - Delete in Windows 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    Hey Brink, I also upgraded from Win 7 Home Premium x64 to Win 8 Pro x64.
    So I also have Windows.old folder.
    But I assume it has system files on it that I shouldn't delete.
    Does Win 8 ever uses file from Windows.old folder?
    I currently have no plans but can that folder be helpful if I decide to return to Win 7, my old OS?
    If I keep using Win 8 (likely) then is it really safe to permanently delete it?
    Thanks for the tip.
    Hello McNeil,

    No worries. The Windows.old folder is just a copy (backup) of the previous installation in case you may want to copy anything back from it. If you don't need anything from it, then it's safe to delete. Windows 8 doesn't need anything from it.
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    Thanks Shawn Disk Cleanup method worked and I was able to delete my Windows.old folder which was ~3GB.
    After selecting cleanup system files I checked all boxes in the window, which also deleted all log files, Windows Update Log files, Installation files and pretty much everything else it could!
    It deleted about 9.5 GB files, I hope that deleting other files that I mentioned above was safe.
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    Great news. That's a nice amount of HDD space to recover.

    Sure, those other ones are safe to delete as well. Disk Cleanup doesn't delete anything that will harm Windows.
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    are you all sure deleting this folder does not affect the current working windows 8 like activation display driver etc.etc.
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    Hello Roodap, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    No worries. The Windows.old folder is nothing more that a copy (backup) of the files from your previous Windows installation that you upgraded from. If there's nothing in the folder you wish to copy back, then it's perfectly safe to delete it.

    Hope this helps,
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    Roodap, I deleted the Windows.old folder from both the Windows 8 Preview Edition and from the Pro Edition. It did no harm to get rid of it.
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    my windows.old is only some 800Mb size.
    which must have come from resetting the installation for some problems.
    anyways i will remove it
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    I installed W8 this past January. It was a clean install from a MS DVD. Still getting used to this system, but was poking around today after I did an clone of the disk and noticed a windows.old folder, approx 16 GB. Since this was a clean install, did not realize a file of this type would be there. Anyways, is it safe to just delete this folder?? Tx

    After reading some other post's here in the forum, I found Brinks "How to Delete the "Windows.old" Folder in Windows 8" That seemed to do the job, tx Brinks...
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    You're most welcome meebers. Glad it could help.
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    Thanks this is great - used option one with a customer today over the phone. I put a link on our "how to" blog back to this thread. Cheers.
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Windows.old Folder - Delete in Windows 8
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