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    Quote Originally Posted by Brink View Post
    Hello Wolfgang,

    The Switch List bar will not open unless you have at least one app previously opened.
    Thanks Shawn, that makes sense. But I thought that 'Desktop" was always open.

    But even with some apps open, it gets me back to those apps - like a toggle. And only if I keep the Win key pushed down, I can see the apps list on the left side. But it does not really matter. There are other ways to close the apps - if you really care to do that.

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    You'll always get at least either the Start/Desktop thumbnail pop-up if you move the pointer to the top or bottom left corners, but the actual Start List bar will not open unless there is a app open/suspended. I find tapping the Windows key works best for me to toggle between the desktop and start screen though.

    Oh yes, there are a few ways to close an app.
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    microsoft releases shortcut keys

    Windows key – Brings up the Metro start screen. You can start typing to search for an app, just like the Win7 start menu.

    · Win + B – Switch to the (classic) Windows desktop and select the tray notification area.
    · Win + C – Brings up the Charms menu, where you can search, share, and change settings.
    · Win + D – Brings up the old Windows desktop.
    · Win + E – Launch explorer with Computer view displayed.
    · Win + F – Brings up the Metro File search screen.
    · Win + H – Opens the Metro Share panel.
    · Win + I – Opens the Settings panel, where you can change most settings
    · Win + J – Switches focus between snapped Metro applications.
    · Win + K – Opens the Devices panel (for connecting to a projector or some other device)
    · Win + L – Lock PC and return to Lock screen.
    · Win + M – Minimize all Windows on the desktop
    · Win + O – Locks device orientation.
    · Win + P – Choose between available displays.
    · Win + Q – Brings up the Metro App Search screen.
    · Win + R – Switch to the (classic) Windows desktop and display the Run box.
    · Win + U – Switch to the (classic) Windows desktop and launch the Ease of Access Center.
    · Win + V – Cycles through toasts.
    · Win + W – Brings up the Metro Settings search screen.
    · Win + X – Launch Start Menu.
    · Win + Y – Temporarily peek at the desktop.
    · Win + Z – Opens the App Bar for the current Metro application.
    · Win + Page Up / Down – Moves tiles to the left / right.
    · Win + Tab – Opens the Metro application switcher menu, switches between applications.
    · Win + , (comma) – Aero Peek at the desktop.
    · Win + . (period) – Snaps the current Metro application to one side of the screen. (Right side)
    · Win + Shift + . (period) – Snaps the current Metro application to the other side of the screen. (Left side)
    · Win + Space – Switch input language and keyboard layout.
    · Win + Shift + V – Cycles through toasts in reverse order.
    · Win + Enter – Launches Narrator
    · Win + Arrow Keys – Switch to the (classic) Windows desktop and enable Aero Snap

    One of the most interesting ones to me is Window key + the period key to snap apps to sides of the screen, allows to view more than one app at a time on the (split) screen if you will.

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    thanks for the list
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    And there's another reason I won't ever use that "Metro" thing. I've already defined many of those previously unused shortcuts in Autohotkey, and I'm not going to sacrifice my useful setup to adapt to something that doesn't improve anything, makes many things worse, abandons good UI principles to introduce colossal modes, relies on hidden hotspots and other poorly discoverable nonsense, etc, and uses goofy terms like "Charms" and "Toast". I haven't seen such concentrated fail from Microsoft in a long, long time. In fact, I can't recall anything quite this bad.
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    There are a few shortcuts on the way to getting Windows up and running, too:

    On booting F8 or shift+F8 should bring up the advanced boot menu and F10 brings up the boot options editor ​(a one-line version of BCDEDIT).

    In the Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) (Windows Setup) and the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE), shift+F10 brings up the command console, allowing a limited range of GUI programs to be run, including Task Manager, Notepad, Regedit and a few others.
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    Thanks for sharing

    A Guy
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    Win key + up arrow or down arrow maximizes and minimizes. crawfish, u sound mad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pixel Eater View Post
    Win key + up arrow or down arrow maximizes and minimizes. crawfish, u sound mad.
    And try Win+right arrow (or left arrow) on an Explorer page (e.g. Documents).
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    Winkey+breack|pause= system properties
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Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcut Keys List
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