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Start Screen - Pin or Unpin App, Folder, or Drive in Windows 8

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    You're most welcome. I'm happy to hear that it worked for you as well.

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    Somewhere Over The Rainbow
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    Very nice tutorial. +1
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    Am I int the right place?
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    Is it possible to pin any .exe files to the start menu like godmode?
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    Hello Kynix,

    The .exe would have to be added to the "Apps" screen first, but after that yes you would be able to pin the .exe to the "Start" screen if you like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wecaan View Post
    Oh well. No full screen browsing for me!
    Function Key Number 11. That should get to you to full screen browsing again using the browser that remains.

    Refresh will get everything back, but you do loose ALL the programs that you install and ALL your tweaks.
    I have not yet tried System Restore. Why don't you be the guinea pig and let us now how it goes...ha ha
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    Having no luck whatsoever with this one. It worked fine in XP/Vista/7. But I can't seem to pin to either the Metro Start screen nor
    the Task Bar. So it's stuck on my desktop where it does work fine.

    BUT....for eons I've had "Show Desktop Items" unchecked, so now I'm back to Win 3.0 icons.
    So much for the future!

    Click image for larger version
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    Hello Windunce,

    What exactly are you trying to pin to the "Start" screen?

    It would have to be a shortcut or application (.exe file) that was already pinned to the "Apps" screen. From the "Apps" screen, you would be able to pin it to the "Start" screen.

    Think of it like this. The "Apps" screen is the Windows 8 version of the Windows 7/Vista Start Menu "All Programs" area. The "Start" screen is the Windows 8 version of the Windows 7/Vista Start Menu "pin to" area (top of Start Menu).
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    Sigh. Sorry

    I have no idea how to explain this in ten words or less. But I'll try to keep it as short as possible.
    As in the bottom right of the picture, go to Control Panel-Network and Internet-Network and Sharing.

    Then on the left click on the 'Text' Change Adapter Setting'

    This will take you to the "Wired Internet Connection" or whatever type of connection adapter you are using.
    Right click on it and choose "Create Shortcut"
    A dialogue box comes up and states it cannot create a shortcut on that screen but it asks if you would
    like to create a shortcut on the Desktop.

    I chose to do just that and it placed the shortcut as pictured.
    I then went to the properties and pasted that into the collage also.

    Now, in Win XP-Vista-Win7 I simply drug it down to the Task Bar and it was a done deal.
    Heck, try it yourself if you've a Win-7 box handy.

    But in WDP when I try to drag/pin it to the taskbar, I get that red-circle VERBOTEN sign and it won't Pin.
    So far, not luck with any of the other fixes as of yet.

    I really do miss '2 click-Disable' and '1 click-Enabling' that I used very often in WinXP-Vista-Win7

    But if it's impossible in WDP, I'll just 8 click and gitter dun
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    Gotcha. You will not be able to pin that shortcut since it's not an application shortcut just like in Windows 7.

    If you like, you could use the "Network Connections" shortcut in the tutorial below instead to use to pin to the taskbar or "Start" screen in Windows 8.

    Network Connections - Create Shortcut - Windows 7 Forums
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    Back to the Future... "The Return Of QL"

    Quote Originally Posted by Brink View Post
    just like in Windows 7.
    I went totally WTF [Why That Face]. For I just KNEW I was using that shortcut constantly in Win7.
    [I wish there was an ALT-TAB for OSes...ha ha

    But I went file scrounging and it became quite clear. In Win7 I am still using Quick Launch and
    the only 'app' Pinned to the Task Bar is Sticky Notes so I can 'toggle' them on and off quickly to
    retain my pristine BLANK desktop. So there it was, clear as mud, the Network Adapter on/off
    toggle was in Quick Launch and NOT Pinned to the taskbar.

    I had been mucking about with this WDP for about a week or so now, and was trying to force myself
    to avoid using Quick Launch. But it looks like this is the deal breaker.

    I auto-hide the taskbar and in Win7 both the taskbar and Quick Launch, so real estate isn't an
    issue anyway. But thanks and hats off to you for making me realize this fact, AND stopping my
    madness at trying to accomplish the impossible!


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Start Screen - Pin or Unpin App, Folder, or Drive in Windows 8
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