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    No idea why but my Pagefile causes conflicts with shrinking my partitions. I said screw it and did an upgrade. When it's time to "upgrade" to beta I'll redo everything. but Any ideas why I'm having issues shrinking my partitions.

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    Hello Anthony,

    It depends on how large the page file is, what partion(s) you have set to have a page file on, what order the partition(s) are in in Disk Management (diskmgmt.msc), and how much space you are trying to shrink from the partition that has the page file on it.
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    Pagefile is double the size of my RAM - 1GB so 2GB of pagefile. My pagefile is about the middle of the partition, all my files and system related files start at the beginning and extend past my pagefile. I have 219GB of windows drive space and its the only usable partition, two others are system created.

    EDIT: Last time I tried to shrink it 15 GB (15000MB) which was the max allowed it errored and told me that was an invalid amount.
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    Seems like not enough free space to be able to. Could you post a screenshot of your Disk Management window showing your HDD's layout to see if anything stands out as the cause? Just to be sure, you are trying to shrink the Windows C: partition?
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    Click image for larger version

    Ok, there she be. Sorry about the WTM being in the way, Always monitoring RAM, HDD Activity, ect ect, and trying to delete some of those wireless things.

    Oh and P.S. my chip is actually a 1.67GHz that energy thing is hardwired into BIOS, There isn't even an option to turn it off.
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    What did the 13GB partition use to be?

    You should be able to shrink the "Acer C: " partition if you needed more than 13GB to use that instead.

    You might see if you may be able to use the free program Partition Manager to be able to either add more space to the 13GB partition, or add the 13GB to the C: partition to then shrink C: for a new partition.
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    Check the status it tells you what they are.

    it was a recovery partition.
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    Ah, ok. Missed that. I hope you didn't plan on being able to do a factory recovery with it anymore.

    Any luck using Partition Wizard, or using space that was shrunk from the C: partition?
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    Nope I lost the disk to do it anyways.... yea no optical drive but I get a disk to recover with????

    I normally don't play with partitions, unless from fresh. It's fine man I don't miss the 13GB anyways.
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    Hi Brink,

    I'm about to install Windows 8 to a completely separate HDD from a bootable USB. A few questions:

    1. Is it still advisable to unplug my other HDD's and my SSD prior to installation?
    2. My current MBR probably resides on my SSD where my current Windows 7 installation resides. Is this MBR modified by Windows 8? If so, presumably I should not unplug my SSD when installing Windows 8?

    I'm a bit unsure what the relationship of the two Windows are with respect to each other, and the MBR.

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Dual Boot Installation - Windows 8 and Windows 7 or Vista
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