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Dual Boot Installation - Windows 8 and Windows 7 or Vista

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    All will be ok when it expires. You don't have to use the Windows 7 style boot manager unless you just wanted to or if you uninstall Windows 8. You will still be able to boot to Windows 7, replace the expired Windows 8 with say a new installation of the Windows 8 RTM, or just uninstall Windows 8 to only have Windows 7 left.

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    I found an annoyance when installing from within Win 7, it doesn't ask for your language, region or location, nor does it take the information from Win 7. After fully installing 8 you have to manually change the time, location, default language and if you do it in the wrong order end up with a language bar at the bottom right.
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    I set everything up in 7 to for 8 prep according to Brinks Tutes, which does well, and did a clean install from DVD ISO of 8 Enterprise Evaluation. I had similar problems. I didn't have a choice of time zone either. Nor, of course, it doesn't copy personalization from 7. I had to change time zone in settings, but what was strange is that the clock was still 2 hours off. There is a way to sync the clock with M$/Windows servers now in time settings, which corrected my problem. No problems like that when I loaded RP. I guess it depends on which version one is installing.

    What's also nice with 8 is the .Live sign in account. Once I configured that it will load favorites into Metro IE, but not Desktop IE. It also saves me time signing into other M$/Windows accounts.
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    Found another quirk of installing from within Win 7 but this may be system specific though, on rebooting the BIOS Post was completely missed and I was unable to get it back unless I cleared the CMOS. Great for quick reboots but not good if I wanted to change things in the BIOS. Reinstalling a fresh Win 8 by booting from ISO overcame that.
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    Hi there, guys, I want to ask one thing, will this method be successful if I use the upgrade offer of windows 7 to 8. I want dual boot by using the bootable USB created from the iso which I get by using the upgrade offer, which is available here in India for $14.
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    You are upgrading 7 to 8? That's all that is good for, that will leave you with 8 only.
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    anyway he can't use the old windows 7 in dual boot or another pc if he purchase an update, this in the EULA
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    Are you guys sure about that? I mean once I use the serial key of windows 8, what will happen of my OEM key of windows 7 for which I have paid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sam9953 View Post
    Are you guys sure about that? I mean once I use the serial key of windows 8, what will happen of my OEM key of windows 7 for which I have paid.
    By "can't" he means the EULA says you're not supposed to keep using windows 7 alongside the 8 upgrade. I'm not going to elaborate on this because I just saw a thread about this get closed and a couple of bans handed out. I'm hoping for the forum admins to clarify their stance on whether we can even discuss this topic because that thread was locked but there are still dual booting tutorials on this website
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    Windows 8 EULA

    What about upgrading the software?
    The software covered by this agreement is an upgrade to your existing operating system software, so the upgrade replaces the original software that you are upgrading. You do not retain any rights to the original software after you have upgraded and you may not continue to use it or transfer it in any way. This agreement governs your rights to use the upgrade software and replaces the agreement for the software from which you upgraded. After you complete your upgrade, additional software will be required to playback or record certain types of media, including DVDs.
    If you continue to use the original Windows version after upgrading it is in violation of the EULA and illegal.
    Discussions of piracy are against Forum rules and can get you banned.
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Dual Boot Installation - Windows 8 and Windows 7 or Vista
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