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    Windows 7

    Thank you for your immediate response. I downloaded iso file and made bootable disk(DVD). Booting fine and start the installing process. When clicking install, the error message comes that 'no device drivers were found'. I couldn't go any further. I am using a partition of a hard disk

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    Sir Brink

    Thanks in advance for the tuts it will be a great help. As plan as I thought to have a clean installation in a partition drive. Still downloading but plan to install after and wanna see the interface of their new OS. By the way about the Windows 8 -Tutorial Index thread I've bookmark on it just in case for some query.

    More power to eightforums.
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    You're most welcome Adamus. Thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by param View Post
    Thank you for your immediate response. I downloaded iso file and made bootable disk(DVD). Booting fine and start the installing process. When clicking install, the error message comes that 'no device drivers were found'. I couldn't go any further. I am using a partition of a hard disk
    I'm sorry Param. I missed your post somehow. Were you ever able to get this sorted?
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    I have the same problem. it says to to load driver for deviece but Idon't no what device or where to find the right driver.I am trying to install on Acer Exstensa 5420 with out os on it already.
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    64-bit Windows 10

    Hello Tiwanastolin, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    What device does it say it wants a driver for?

    What OS do you currently have installed on your Acer Exstensa 5420? (ex: Vista or XP)

    How do you have your HDD(s) setup? For example, in RAID or not.

    I don't see SATA, AHCI, or RAID drivers available for your laptop at Acer: Acer Support: Downloads & Support Documents - Notebook / Extensa / Extensa 5420

    See also: SATA Driver - Load in Windows 8 Setup
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    Hello, thanks for your tutorial so much. Is there a way to download the .iso-preview today? T.Y.
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    Hello Jamboo,

    Sorry, but no.

    However, you could download a 90-day evaluation copy of Windows 8 Enterprise if you like. The download links are at the bottom of the Microsoft site below.

    Download Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation

    Hope this helps,
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    now on win 7, soon win 8

    thank you to all of the experts for exposing so much good information. It's been some years since a got a new motherboard and now this new windows 8. From what I have discovered about 8, installation can be a challenging.
    This website goes a long way to clarifying installation, but I worry about a few things that are not clear to me. New board is PX79 Pro (ASUS)
    1. I want to install on an SSD on Port 0 and in AHCI, which is a SATA 6 port.
    2. I want to attach two WD HDDs 1tb each in RAID on the SATA 3 ports of which there are 4.
    3. I want to install the DVD ATAPi on one of the remaining 2 SATA 3 ports.
    A. The array will be the two WD HDDs only
    B. The OS on the SSD and the DVD drives are "outside" of the RAID 0 array.
    4. I want to leave the Marvel ports alone because of the terror associated with them. Maybe later I'll learn how to use them.
    Now, keeping in mind what I would like to do, as above; before I load windows I should click on the "have drivers" and install what? AHCI drivers only or the RAID drivers only or both? Or, just skip the add drivers? and proceed to install windows 8?
    What I would like to know for certain is once the operating system is installed on the SSD on port 0 and using AHCI, can I then install RAID drivers for the 2 HDDs on the SATA 3 ports and then set RAID in the bios for those two alone.
    As I recall, for my windows 7 set up, I installed the OS and then set up RAID in bios so the SSD was then shown as a RAID drive, but not part of the RAID array. The f6 type function wasn't necessary.
    Please set me firmly sraight on this so I can avoid reinstall and reinstall and reinstall to wear out my new SSD.
    Thank you so much.

    after thought/question:
    If and when I do do the F6 load of whatever drivers I should load at installation, can I put them in a folder on the same USB drive I have the windwos 8 installation on?
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    Hello Clarence, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    Since the SSD you want to install Windows 8 on is not going to in RAID, then you could just start installing Windows 8 to it without using the "Have drivers" option. No need to load any drivers.

    Yes, after Windows 8 is installed, you could setup your RAID with the other drives in your BIOS or Raid Controller screen at boot. You'll most likely need to install your AHCI/SATA/RAID (same) drivers in Windows 8 as well afterwards.

    Since this is a new motherboard it may have UEFI instead of BIOS. If so, then be sure to see the link in the red warning box at the top of the tutorial before you do anything.

    Hope this helps,
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