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    Quote Originally Posted by Enigma View Post
    Brink: Can you clarify what the exact difference is between a Refresh and a Reset? I know that Refresh lets you keep your files, whereas a Reset doesnt. But does a Refresh let you keep only your user files (C:\Users\<YourUsernameHere>) while deleting all programs you've installed, or do you get to keep both? I assume a Reset means a near-complete wipe, which presumably would put your PC back to the state it was in right after you finished installing 8.

    Hello Steve,

    A refresh will remove all installed 3rd party programs. This does not include Store apps, as they will be kept. The blue Note box at the top of the tutorial will give you more details on this though.

    Yep, a reset, is basically just a faster version of a clean install. Everything is lost.

    Hope this helps.
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    I usually deactivate features like Shadow Copies, System Restore, etc because I've had issues with them in the past, and besides that, I have much better backup solutions. I dont want to use the Refresh/Reset options unless I have no other choice. I use a USB boot disc to copy all my partitions from outside Windows. I'm also been messing around in Linux with backing up my partitions and files. MS's backup solutions just arent very complete, at least not for me anyways.
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    I want discuss this issue.

    After the refresh completed I logged onto my desktop.
    I had to restart to finish installing driver(this was before installing updates).
    I got the configuring windows (maybe it some downloaded some update) and it stuck there.

    I manually restarted and then everything went fine.

    Any idea what might have caused to make it stuck?
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    Hello Manjunath,

    This isn't related to a refresh, but possibly a conflict with the driver and an automatic Windows Update being installed at the same time.
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    which key do you use when you refresh a Win 8 Pro system with (free) Media Center added?

    I just tried it with the key for Windows 8 and it was rejected. I didn't have access to the Media Center key so am in the middle of an Acronis restore to get the Media Center key. Once I have that I'll try it again.

    Also, refresh would not accept my flash drive that I used to install Windows 8 with originally. It would only accept a DVD that I created at the same time just in case.
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    Hey Rich,

    Odd, you shouldn't have to enter a product key number when refreshing Windows 8.

    Are you sure you are not resetting it instead?

    Reset Windows 8
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    I thought I was following the directions. I'll try it again.


    (How come I didn't receive notification of your post?)
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    Looks like you have your subscription settings set to "subscribe with no notification" instead of "instant email notification".

    Setting and Profile Features
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    I get notifications for other forums here, oh well, I'll look at it.

    I figured out what was happening. When I started Refresh, it asked for the installation media as " some files were missing". On the reboot, the DVD was still in the drive so it started a normal install. I removed the DVD and rebooted and the refresh started exactly as the tutorial describes.


    Edit: Rats, just got an error screen;

    There was a problem refreshing your PC
    No changes were made.
    Check for solutions to this problem.
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    Event Viewer shows the following errors:

    Click image for larger version
    Click image for larger version

    Ran sfc /scannow but it did not find any problems.

    Should I move this to the General discussion area?
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