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    Hey Peter,

    Sure your advice is good as always.

    The main monkey wrench for a refresh or repair install is the update from 8 to 8.1 to 8.1 Update, and the installation media no longer matching or working to do it with the current installation because of the way these OS updates work.

    When you have these kind of issues thrown on top, it's almost a miracle that you are able to do a refresh and not only have the "Nothing" option.


    In addition, be sure that the Windows 8.1 Pro installation media you try the repair install with is also the same language as your current installation.

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    I have a Win 8.1 dvd I made from the iso and I have yet to see if it works with a refresh.
    I upgraded from 7 to 8 then used the store to get 8.1 with the media center.
    All is well now and I have sufficient images of 7, 8 and 8.1 so time will tell if the dvd works for refresh.
    Good tip about the language.
    Thanks again for jumping in and luck to Tim.
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    Users folder

    Hi Brink.
    First of all i wanna say that i run windows 8 (or atleast i ran).
    I have been reading this tutorial and these comments from post #1 until the end and i am still a bit confused about the part with :
    "Files in all users' C:\Users\(user-name) folders. (ex: Desktop, My Documents, My Music, etc...)".
    The problem that i have is that my windows doesn't start-up anymore and i really need some files (Word docs, notepads etc) that i had on my desktop since they were the stuff that i've been working on daily (fast acces from desktop).
    My question is: i am attemting a repair install from windows 8 disc and i have the option to refresh my PC. Let's say that along with the apps icons i had on desktop i also have a .doc file or a folder with .doc files. ​Will that file remain saved anywhere on my computer?
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    Hello Varga, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    Files in your C:\Users\(user-name) folders should remain intact when you refresh Windows. However, I would always recommend to back up anything that you do not want to lose to be safe.

    You might see if you can connect the hard drive to another computer to backup what you like. If you are not able to, then you might see if you area able to back up using a Live Peppermint DVD/USB.

    Hope this helps,

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    windows 8


    Hi Brink and thanx for the reply. I have been really waiting
    Edit*: For the back-up thing, i can't do that because windows doesn't even start-up anymore.
    I already tried to acces my files using an Ubuntu live CD and i was able to copy some stuff i had on : D but the things that i really need to recover are those that i had on my desktop. After Ubuntu mounts my partitions it shows my Users folder but for some reason it didn\t show anything inside the folder. Could it be because of Windows somehow hiding these files, because "Users" folder wasn't the only folder empty in :C ?
    2nd thing i wanted to ask you. I also thought about buying a rack and connecting the hard disk to another laptop or PC through USB. How exactly does that work and will it show all my files, even those on :C ?
    3rd thing: If i install a new Windows on : D, can i install it without formatting the partition if i have enough free space? I have enough space for sure on : D, i am not sure if i can install without format. Just as a momentary solution, because i only need 5 minutes for the laptop to work so that i can recover the files that i need, after that i will format everything and do a clean install, i know installing it like this can be problematic.
    4th and final One of my friends told me that i can find online something called "Hyren", if i recall well, wich is an image of windows that can allow you to run the windows from the cd/dvd, but he told me that this thing was for vista and XP and he doesn't know for sure if it exists for windows 8.

    Sorry for all these questions, but i had my license paper on my desktop and i know it was kinda stupid of me to only keep it on my desktop, but i will be dead without it and i really need to recover it
    Bbye and thanks in advance.
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    It's odd that you couldn't see anything in your "C:\Users\(user-name)\Desktop" folder using the Ubuntu live CD. Did you move your user folder to another location?

    If you have another desktop computer (or a friends), you could connect the hard drive internally to access the files on it.

    Sure, you could also connect the hard drive using an external hard drive case, but it would cost a bit for the external case.

    That would be a Hiren's BootCD or USB. It says it supports Windows 7, so I would imagine that it'll work on Windows 8 as well.

    Download Hiren?s BootCD 15.2 | HBCD Fan & Discussion Platform

    What's the issue with your Windows not booting anymore? Perhaps there may be a way to help with this.
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    hi and again thx for taking your time, it's of great help.

    2 days ago i was using my laptop normally, nothing fancy, not even running any big apps, just browsing the internet, when i got a blue screen with KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR. After it restarted, i browsed the net a bit to look for info on that error. windows website said that one sollution was to perform a dskchk from an elevated command promt to look for the reason of that error. i did that but it got stuck on the 3rd step, freezing the entire laptop then it just shut down. after that moment it never started again. For example, dunno if i can write it here, but i have an ASUS laptop. K54C for that matter. When i power the laptop, it shows the ASUS logo, then the screen turns black and it doesn't do anything else. It actually happened that sometimes the windows logo appears and it loads but it doesn't go further from that point. I also tried to boot in safe mode but it doesn't react to me pressing F8 or Shift-F8

    Just for the sake of it, at this point i really don't mind spending some money just as long as i can recover my files. Will buying an external rack and connecting it to another laptop be the easiest way to solve this now? Once again, i just need acces to my files for like 5 minutes so that i can take everything i need on a flash.
    Another nasty problem that i have things that i need both on C: and D:

    I didn't move the "Users" folder.
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    The easiest and free way would be to connect the hard drive internally on a desktop PC, but yeah you could just as easily connect it the hard drive using an external drive bay as well.
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    the thing is that i don't know how i could be able to connect a laptop HDD to a desktop unit, i would still need adaptors and that will bring me back to shopping, but buying a rack would actually get me a rack wich i could use later on
    Thankx for all the answers, you have relieved me a bit, i really appreciate taking your time. Once again, thank you, great man!
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    You would need a SATA data cable, and a SATA or Molex to SATA power cable to connect the laptop drive to the desktop's motherboard SATA port and PSU.

    Usually the PSU will have a SATA power cable already available unless it's an old PSU. If needed, you could disconnect the SATA data cable from an extra drive in the desktop and use it on the laptop's drive.

    It really just depends on what you would prefer to do for either an external drive bay or internal.
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