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How to Register to Post
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You do not need to be a registered member of Windows Eight Forums to view or download from the tutorials. You will only need to register to be able to reply to or post a tutorial. The registration is free and easy. No personal information is displayed to the public except for what you decide to post or reveal. We welcome any contructive tutorial comments or ideas. Please see the FAQ page for additional help and questions not covered here.

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Windows Eight Forums
Homepage -- Registration Page -- Forum Rules

How to Use Tutorial Toolbar Options

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Tutorial Tools - To select one of these options in a opened tutorial.
Search Thread - To search for a word or phrase in a opened tutorial.
Category Tools - To select one of these options from the tutorial homepage.

How to Search for a Tutorial
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You can use the methods below to help search for a tutorial easier.

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Alphabet Toolbar -
This is the top row of letters in the screenshot above. You can click on a letter to be taken to the page(s) of tutorials that titles start with that letter.
Category Icons - These are the category icons in the middle of the screenshot above. You can click on a icon to be taken to the page(s) of tutorials for that category.
Google Custom Search - This will allow you to do a Google search within only the Tutorials section for tutorials here at Eight Forums and Seven Forums.
Search this Category - Allows you to search for a tutorial or a post in a tutorial by a word or phrase.
Tutorial Index - This is a master index of all the Windows 8 Tutorials listed in alphabetical order to help you find a tutorial quicker.

How to Post a Reply to a Tutorial
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When you click on a listed tutorial from the Tutorials homepage to open it, you will have these options to post a reply or question inside the tutorial about that specific tutorial.

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Reply to Thread
This is located in the upper and bottom left corner of a tutorial page. You would click this to post a reply to the tutorial without a quote.

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These are located at the bottom right corner of each post in a tutorial. These are pretty much the same as in the main forum.

Reply With Quote
Allows you to post a reply with a quote of that post.
Multi-Quote - Allows you to post a reply with multiple quotes from posts that you select withing the tutorial. Use this by clicking on the Multi button in the post(s) you want to quote to turn the Multi button yellow as selected. When done click on the Quote button in the last post that you want quoted in your reply post.
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Quick Reply - This is at the bottom of a tutorial page. It will allow you to make only a quick reply in the tutorial without quoting another post in the tutorial.

How to Create a New Tutorial
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Creating a tutorial is for posting a tip or trick about Windows 8 to share with others to help them. Please do not create a tutorial to ask a question about a problem. The Windows Eight Forums section is used for separate questions instead. Please only post a reply or question about a tutorial inside that tutorial instead.

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Post New Tutorial
This is located at the upper left corner of the Tutorial Submissions subforum in the VIP Lounge forum, but not while you have a tutorial open. Click on the Post New Tutorial button to create a new tutorial. Here they will be reviewed until approved and moved to Tutorials. If you do not have permission to post here, then you have not reached the "Power User" badge level or higher yet.

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Options -
To type in a Title, Byline, and Shorty synopsis for your tutorial. Type in a desciption of your tutorial in the synopsis section to have it display as a quick description for your tutorial listed in on the Tutorial homepage. At the bottom select the Category that you want the tutorial to be displayed and sorted under.

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Your Message
or Edit Post -
This is just like posting in the Windows Eight Forums sections. Type in your tutorial here. You can use this link for BB codes to help allow you to add special formatting to your tutorial such as the yellow TIP, blue NOTE, and red WARNING boxes. When finished, click on the Submit New Tutorial button at the bottom to post your new or edited tutorial.