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    Win 8.1 Update x64

    Quote Originally Posted by genet View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by visruth View Post
    So, by changing display language what you meant?
    You can change your keyboard layout language (if you have Windows Single Language version), but you can't change your Windows display language (see screenshot below).

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    In my last screenshot, it's printed no display language available for this edition of Windows.
    Is the English-India - the keyboard layout language here rather than display language of Windows?

    Thanks guys

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    Win8.1 Pro | Win10TP Pro - boot to VHD


    I think there should be a sentence or two about burning the ISO to a disc.

    You can either use the Media Creation tool to burn the ISO to disc
    -- or --
    Right click the ISO and select Burn disc image.

    The reason I think it should be mentioned is that you don't need any additional tools to create a DVD from the ISO.

    I haven't read the Clean install tutorials recently, but I think there are references to Rufus and the Windows 7 DVD/USB download tool (I could be wrong on that though).

    I haven't gone through the USB side (no more flash drives to use), but Kerry has.

    I used the ISO when I installed Win8.1 on a VM - but my key wouldn't activate (already used on my physical machine).

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    7/8/ubuntu/Linux Deepin

    Is there one of those tools for win7? Shouldn't be too difficult to make.
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    Win8.1 Pro | Win10TP Pro - boot to VHD

    Quote Originally Posted by visruth View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Slartybart View Post
    I dug a little deeper:
    Language packs - Microsoft Windows

    Language Native name Base language required
    Hindi हिंदी English (United States) or
    English (United Kingdom)
    I would think English en-gb would be the logical choice if there isn't a Hindi English entry.
    I want English-India , don't want Hindi. So to get it, I've to just select either English - US or GB, am i correct?
    Yes, I think so - those are the only two English languages (en-??) that I see in the MediaCreationTool drop down box.

    I'd still suggest en-gb so you get all of those quaint centre spellings if .... IF the display language has any bearing on spelling.

    Looking back at your screen shot it says

    English (India)
    Windows Display Language
    Unavailable in this edition of Windows

    Name:  Englsih-India.png
Views: 432
Size:  6.5 KB

    Language, IME and related features have always troubled me, so I'm no expert by any means. This is a new tool and there isn't any real documentation or deep knowledge.

    Genet seems to have a handle on a single language system - I'll defer to genet.

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    Win 8.1 Update x64

    Thanks Bill
    I'll go ahead with en-gb.
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    US-GB EN-GB would be closer to what you want I think.
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    Win 8.1 Update x64

    Thanks Rich, you meant en-gb , is it?
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    win 8.1

    I had been struggling for a good while to upgrade to 8.1
    via the Windows Store.
    It always failed
    (after hours of downloading
    and checking compatibility of installed Apps),
    the instant it tried to install.
    Error Codes and
    web searches
    brought absolutely no improvements whatsoever,
    beyond a new Error Code.
    I found the location where the Store downloaded the 8.1
    Setup Files
    and copied the Folder to another drive and
    tried installing from there,
    but always it failed to accept any key thrown at it!
    Then I tried your Option 1
    and downloaded the en-gb version of 8.1 Pro
    onto a USB Flash Drive.
    Bob's Your Uncle -
    no need for any key,
    no need for a reboot,
    straightforward installation,
    without any hesitation whatsoever.
    I couldn't believe it!
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    Windows 8.1, 10

    The new Media Creation Tool is a big step forward - it will also help out the folks who have trouble using the Store to get from 8 to 8.1, or who have several computers to upgrade and can only download via metered data.
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    Windows 10

    The Windows Installation Media Creation Tool works on Windows 7/8/8.1.

    The download succeeds without product key.

    Click image for larger version
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Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 ISO - Download or Create
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