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Mail Notification Sound - Change in Windows 8

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    Mail Notification Sound - Change in Windows 8

    Mail Notification Sound - Change in Windows 8
    How to Change New Mail Notification Sound in Windows 8 and 8.1
    Published by Brink is online now
    28 Nov 2012
    Default Mail Notification Sound - Change in Windows 8

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    How to Change New Mail Notification Sound in Windows 8 and 8.1

    information   Information
    This tutorial will show you how to change what sound is played by default when you get a new email in Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows 8.1, and Windows RT 8.1.

    Here's How:

    1. Open your Sound settings.

    2. Under the "Windows" section, change both the Desktop Mail Notification and New Mail Notification events to have the same .wav file for the sound you want played for them.

    3. When finished, click/tap on OK.

    Click image for larger version

    That's it,

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    Thanks Brink,
    But it does not work for me - probably because within 8.1 I am using

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    Hello Ron,

    Yeah, it will not play a notification sound at since it's on a website instead of an email client program like the Mail app below.

    If you like, you could add your email account to the Mail app, and set the Mail app to play a notice.

    Mail App - Add an Account in Windows 8.1

    Mail App Email Notifications - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

    Hope this helps,
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    Thanks Shaun,
    That sounds like a good idea but will it cope with my POP3 address and will I have to set up an additional email address?
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    The Mail app only supports IMAP and EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) email accounts, and doesn't support email accounts that use POP (Post Office Protocol). To get these accounts in Mail, see Using email accounts over POP on Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1.

    The email account for your Microsoft account will be added automatically to Mail, but any other IMAP and EAS email account will need to be manually added.
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Mail Notification Sound - Change in Windows 8
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