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    I upgraded my 7/64 laptop to 8/64 Pro via the upgrade download (also burned the disk). I also installed the Media Center shortly after. If I were to attempt a "clean" install with my disk, do I use the original key that MS sent me in the email, or the new key that I acquired when I installed the Media Center? My understanding is that that new WMC key took over as my master key. Can anyone set me straight?

    Thank you, Drew

    Edit: Just finished "clean" re-install. First entered the emailed Pro key for W8 and then the emailed WMC key for the WMC add on. It was automatically activated also, prob because of the prior install.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brink View Post
    Hello Geo,

    I hope you had a good vacation.

    The Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant will still run and check your XP SP2, but it may tell you to install SP3 first before letting you purchase or download Windows 8.
    Well, I need to thank you and this forum very much!!! I followed your instructions to a T and I now have 64bit Win-8 Pro on a semi old OptiPlex 745, with the max RAM 8GB (4x2GB) which used to have XP(SP2)-32bit w/4GB RAM!!! My son now will have a decent computer for only a small investment.

    BTW, I needed to upgrade to SP3 before I ran the Upgrade Assistant (to check the hardware compatibility only)...when I ran it with SP2, I got an instantaneous "platform not supported"....but it wasn't a huge deal. I then saw that I had no real compatibility issues other than those I had anticipated, and all else went perfectly! I didn't even need to do a reset....I was already activated after 1st install! This post has been made on the new machine! IE 10 looks nice too.

    Thank you again!
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    You're most welcome Geo. I'm happy to hear that the installation went well. I hope your son enjoys the computer.
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    I attempted the extracted ISO method, and it loaded. I thought it went OK. But when it booted, it entered a boot-loop with the method "there was an installation error." I have redownloaded the ISO twice and now when I try to burn it to a bootable usb, it hangs at 95%. I redownloaded the iso and I will try the extracted .iso once again.

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    Are you using any type of 3rd party download manager program? If so, try downloading it without it.
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    Hi Recently upgraded my oldish Dell XPS 420 from Win 7-32 bit to Win 7 -64 bit and then on to Win 8 - 64 bit. Along the way i've also replaced the D drive with a 1 TB drive for all my music, photos etc
    Now I've purchased a OCZ Vertex 4 256 GB SSD to use as my C drive but have not as yet been able to install it successfully.
    Originally i tried a method from an Australian Mag details here -
    How to transfer your OS to your new SSD drive
    I know this is for Win 7 but even so the only problem was I have a 450 GB HDD C drive at the moment and although it has about 350 GB of free space i couldn't shrink it enough to get it onto the SSD.

    Then I tried using Acronis Migrate easy but that seemed to hang up after the reboot and after about 20 hours of looking at the log in screen on Win 8 i rebooted and went back to my original set up.

    Would the above method work if i just take out the current HDD and put in the SSD and install win 8 pro from the upgrade DVD I have - then I guess I'd have to transfer the program files etc from the old HDD to the new SDD.

    Appreciate your comments.
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    Hello Silerfox, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    Sorry, but programs and drivers cannot be transferred like that to a new installation. They must be reinstalled instead.
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    Thanks for that - no real problem - i did it when I went from Win 7 32 bit to 64 bit - but I still can't get to the stage where i need to reinstall my progs etc.

    Any advice on getting win 8 onto my SSD would be appreciated.
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    If you don't mind starting from scratch, you could use the tutorial on the first page to do a clean install with your Windows 8 upgrade on the SSD.
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    Hmm, I don't think it asks for Activation if you migrate from x86 to x64...

    EDIT: And if it detects another OS is currently installed.
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Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade
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