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Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade

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    Hello Jim,

    Do you still have the email that Microsoft sent with your product key number to verify that you are using the correct one?

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    Hello Brink,
    I think it is because the W8 upgrade is not able to access my internet. I am installing from a USB key onto a partition I created. The last time I did this successfully, I had to load the wifi network software post-install. I tried to install from desktop, and it accepted my key (connected to the internet through W7 presently on that partition) but it would not allow my to install to the empty partition from the desktop.

    Thanks for any help with this.
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    I used the tutorial for dual booting. I was able to successfully input my product key which worked but then got an error that setup could not find the files.
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    Did you use step 6 in the dual boot tutorial?

    At what point and step did it tell you that setup could not find the files?
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    I did step 6. All I did was double click the thumb drive in "my computer" and navigate to "sources/setup".

    It is after I accept the terms and click next that I get the error. I have attached a screen cap of it.Click image for larger version
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    Is connecting the laptop via ethernet LAN to get an internet connection an available option for you to hopefully do the dual boot installation at boot?

    If not, then you might see if using the extracted ISO option may work better.
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    wired LAN will most likely not be an option. I'm not sure it would matter anyway. I had to reinstall my LAN and wifi drivers when I upgraded the last that. That's the odd part. I was able to upgrade no problem the first time. I am going to try to redownload the iso and attempt it again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brink View Post

    Sure it's fine, and also recommended to. You would just stop at step 6 instead of continuing in the tutorial below for it.

    Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant - Download and Run
    Back from a mini vacation so haven't done anything yet, but was thinking, I only have SP2 on the computer I'm planning on clean installing. I know it won't matter what the OS is for that install (from bootable USB) but when running the Upgrade Assistant (through step 6 in order to check hardware compatibility) do I need to first upgrade to SP3? I would think the Assistant wouldn't even check the hardware once it saw the SP2 (which as I understand it, isn't a qualifying I wrong?
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    Hello Geo,

    I hope you had a good vacation.

    The Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant will still run and check your XP SP2, but it may tell you to install SP3 first before letting you purchase or download Windows 8.
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    Just found this page from a Google. I registered to say thanks (and ask a question below) as I think you may have saved me a lot of hassle. I've had Windows 8 on my PC pretty much since release day of the pro version but my hard disk failed today meaning I'm going to have to get a new one and install Windows 8 all over again. Because my XP disk was only SP2 I was dreading having to install that and then Win 8 again.

    Because I already upgraded from XP to Windows 8 I had a Windows 8 ISO DVD. (It's actually the 64-bit version, I ran the downloader on my laptop which had Windows 7 so I could get the 64-bit version.)

    I've got one question though, will the Windows 8 ISO install when it presents me with the various options allow me to make sure the drive is formatted to NTFS? I'm intending to create a partition for just Windows and then one for all my other data and programs. Obviously I need NTFS for Steam games etc.

    Any help would be great thanks.
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Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade
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