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Yoga 14 (20FY) will not auto rotate, drivers missing

Windows 8.1 Pro x64
Yoga 14 (20FY), two weeks old.

Installed Win 8.1 from bootable USB when I got it. Installed drivers I needed from the Lenovo driver site. There is no sensor driver on their site.

I have tried it only in tent and tablet mode as it’s supposed to. There is no windows rotate lock button there is no windows rotate button.

I have downloaded all the drivers and auto rotate still does not work. I have tried ThinkVantage. I have tried installing the 20DM and 20DN drivers and they also do not work. It requires me to update net framework which I cannot find the download to and I cannot change the net framework version in the registry.

I have tried emailing Lenovo in Australia because the US does not have a support email. It does not seem like they will be of any use since it has been two weeks.

In the device manager, the only devices under sensors is Windows Location Provider. There should be Simple Orientation Manager and HID Sensor Collection but I cannot find the drivers for them anywhere.

Are there any generic drivers I can download?

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