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XBOX One media remote support

I want to preface this with the fact that this post was originally on the Intel support forums for the NUC and was suggested that the issue is likely OS related and not hardware, so i am posting here.

i have a Intel NUC D34010WYKH that ive been using since it was released, love the hardware, have Kodi 15.1 installed over Windows 8.1 as it also manages me media organization.

I came into possession of an Xbox One Media remote that has the best feel and build quality of all the remotes ive owned, including many off-brand Chinese keyboard air-remotes and lower end Harmony ones. but for the life of me, i can't get the built in IR on the NUC to recognize commands sent by the remote.

i have tried EventGhost and WinLIRC and Intelliremote and any combination of the above but nothing ever clicks. i have seen posts related to this issue with sometimes no follow-up (like this) and other times success (on a different OS, OpenElec for instance here, here and here). But even after messaging some of these users directly, i have gotten no further to getting this to work. For reference, the Intel NUC has a Nuvotron CIR that has drivers installed and up to date, and shows no errors in device manager and the bios is up to date with three options for the remote (generic remote, rc6, or xbox remote), all of which make no difference.

does anyone have experience with this device under Windows 8.1 and how to get them to work better together?

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