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wont show screen at startup


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I power my computer on and seems to startup fine and gets to the loading screen for windows. Then when its get to the screen where its suppose to sow the lock screen its just black. I can here the windows startup sound and can see my mouse and move it around but can't do anything. I have been trying to find a solution for the past couple days but can't get to much due to time restrictions. Deployed right now so I'm kinda limited on what resources I can use and instead of dicking around with this problem id just use my time to skype family and friends. I usually like to solve to computer problem myself for the know how but don't have the time.

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Seems like a graphic problem. Can you boot into Safe mode? If so, navigate to the device manager and uninstall (not disable) the graphics driver (under "Display Adapters") restart and, if successful, try and find a better driver.
If this is a new problem, you could try a restore which would do the same thing.

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