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Wireless connection problems


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- my wireless connection has been acting up recently. When I first got this computer everything was working just fine. It's a high-end computer with an expensive network adapter. By time the connection started to deteriorate, to the point the internet connection was way under 1mbps. I found out by moving my pc downstairs next to the router that the connection was way better and not faulty at all. I then moved the router and everything seemed to be fixed. Everything worked as it initially did.

THE ACTUAL PROBLEM: Again, over time everything became worse. This time however the internet speed didn't decrease but it started constantly cutting. It's not consistent, it happens randomly but regularly. The WiFi icon in the toolbar doesn't change at all - still 3-4 bar with no limited sign, no * icon.. you get my point. If I troubleshoot it'll just struggle with finding anything that's wrong until the internet fixes itself - usually in <30 seconds. Very rarely I get the limited (!) icon and if I troubleshoot then it resets my wireless adapter. I've changed my router and I've tried another network adapter but the problem persists. I've done most of the things I've found on the internet (unchecked "disable for power saving", check for adapter updates via device manager..) and nothing has worked. I'd like to keep factory resets and buying something online as absolute last resorts. If anyone could help me it'd be greatly appreciated.

-I've seen this question asked before here but I haven't found any solutions that work for me.
-I'm not sure whether the first part is related to the current problem in any way so bear that in mind.

If you'd like to get in real time contact with me please recommend any platform you use - I'll try to get in touch with you :)

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