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Winners of our Windows Anytime Upgrade Giveaway for Windows 7 Netbook users!


Standish, England

Last week, we announced that we were giving away 6 copies of Windows Anytime Upgrade that will allow people running Windows 7 Starter on their netbook to upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium. To enter, all people had to do was leave a comment telling us about their Windows 7 netbook, where they bought it, etc. Today I am pleased to announce the winners of our Windows Anytime Upgrade Giveaway for Windows 7 netbook users.

Just as I said we would do, we printed off all the comments of those participating in the giveaway. Unfortunately I left my Windows 7 hat at home (no lie) so we had to use one of the Windows 7 Launch Party bags to draw out of. We filmed the drawings for each of the 6 winners – here is the video:

The winners (and their netbook models) of the giveaway are:

Winners – please contact us at thewindows[at]live.com with your contact information including your address so we can ship out your prize!

It was fantastic to see such a great turn out of folks participating in this discussion


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