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Windows8 Technical Documentation Issues (TDI) – In the Works


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Windows7 has been out less than six months, and already there is speculation about the next generation of Windows, Windows8. The Redmond company may not be saying much now, which is understandable, given the success of Windows7. The unspoken, but true, thinking is, why take publicty away from a successful venture and place it on a venture that is still at least a year and a half away. Go with the flow, and the flow right now is Windows7.

But Microsoft is quietly planning the next generation of Windows client and server platforms for the general public. Leaks have been kept to a minimum, but Microsoft is already developing technical documentation for the US Department of Justice, and its own internal documentation on what will be a major project. The DOJ-Microsoft settlement in 2000 added requirements about pending OS projects.

Full read here: What are Microsoft Technical Documentation Issues (TDI) | Windows 8 News

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