Solved Windows Won't recognize Combo Mic/Headphone Jack

I investigated this issue a lot, and I found some possible solution (some bad, some better...):
1) Cascading multiple cables (terrible and expensive solution):
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Amazon codes refer to .it site.

2) Building your own cable using a "female 3.5mm 4 pin TRRS receptacle" amd a "male 3.55mm 3 pin TRS male" taking into account following pinouts:
TRS (PC side) = mic-audio-gnd
TRRS (headphone side) = Left-Right-Gnd-Mic (CTIA standard)

But finding a TRRS female is very hard!

3) Building an Y cable to be joined with an off-the-shelf Y cable
Y cable to build: 3.5 mm TRS male (PC side) to 2x 3.5 mm TRS female receptacles
Y cable to purchase: 2x 3.5mm TRS male jack (mic and audio) to 3.5 mm TRRS female (to single-jack headphone)

Your Y cable pinout:
TRS(male) = mic-audio-gnd
TRS1(female) = mic-mic-gnd
TRS2(female) = audio-audio-gnd

4) trying if it's true that an "XBOX/PS4 chat adapter" works: although it has a TRRS male, probably the XBOX chat adapter has just a TRS (3 pin) receptacle, being designed for single-audio headsets.
Sennheiser PCV-05

Ebay "PC Gaming Cuffie Piombo Per Xbox One/ps4 Talkback Chat "

Can anybody confirm anything?

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