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Windows Update Issues, possibly missing updates, BSoD


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I was told to try and post in here to see if any experts here can diagnose a possible issue with my Windows Updates behaving oddly. They think that, while my Windows Update is saying it's up-to-date, it really isn't and is skipping updates.

Here is the reference thread: http://www.eightforums.com/bsod-cra...-msmpeng-exe-single_dpc_timeout_exceeded.html

In summary: I am having BSoD problems, possibly something to do with a USB device. The BSoD is usually reporting a DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION, error code 0x133 and it happens sporadically, but relatively consistently. We're still working on debugging the issue and trying things, but one problem of note has been that my relatively new and fresh install of Windows doesn't seem to be grabbing as many updates as are expected.

There are quite a few files attached to the parent post linked above, but I'll insert my windows update logs here for reference:

I have just run Windows Update and installed all updates it has suggested. I have no hidden updates and it says that everything is up-to-date.

Windowsupdate.log: View attachment Windowsupdate.log

Full SF_Diagnostic_Tool output: View attachment SF_17-02-2015.zip

Reference post specifics:

I am astonished to see that you are seeing only 1 available update. On my system (Also Windows 8.1 Pro), there are more than 60 updates installed. At this point of time, I would suggest you to use the device on another Windows 8.1 machine and see if you are still getting the BSOD or not. This is because there are very very few updates installed on the system and that could be causing problems.

I am just curious as to how come the system has got only 5 updates installed and the system is showing that there are no further updates. Sure this driver is provided by Microsoft but there is, very well a chance where the base operating system files were updated.

As such, I suspect a USB problem - but am not sure exactly what's causing it.
Right now I don't even have enough info to guess between hardware and software.
And normally we discount the possibility of Windows problems - but there's evidence of a problem with your Windows Updates, so it could also be a Windows problem.

Back when Win8.1 first came out, it was having problems counting the updates. This problem was so obvious that I started cautioning people to not rely on the number of updates. That problem seems to have gone away as 8.1 matured - but I have to wonder if your system is still affected by it. I call this into question because the drivers starting with USB are very similar to mine - and if your system was so far out of date, then I'd suspect to see more problems with older drivers in the memory dumps. FYI - the kernel (ntkrnlmp.exe) is dated from Wed Oct 29 18:19:12 2014 - on my system it's dated from Oct 30, 2014.

Good luck!

The time zone difference between date stamps on drivers is a complicated one. We decided to stop using date/time stamps in the DRT mainly due to that issue.

What I think is that the system is fully updated - but Windows isn't displaying an appropriate number of drivers.
The few Windows drivers that I've looked at are all updated to approximately the same level as my system.
But there is the issue about 8.1 not displaying all updates - so this may actually be normal for this copy of the OS.
And there is the issue of Windows Updates errors in the WER section of MSINFO32 - but the majority of the errors were from 13/14 Dec 2014, with only 2 on 25Dec2014, only 2 on 01Jan2015, and only 2 on 19Jan2015.

I'd like to see if the Windows Update & Activation experts can tell us if the system is fully updated.

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