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Windows to Go - No Fast boot option


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Hi there

Windows to go doesn't seem to have a Fast boot option -- Not a real issue since I use an SSD for this but just curious. I suppose if Windows to Go is being used on different computers and the idea is to use the external device totally then it obviously doesn't make sense to store a file on the Host PC's HDD.

Anyway two screenshots -- you can see the Windows to Go doesn't have a fast boot option. Ist screenshot is from Windows to Go -- both running W8.1 enterprise update 1 x-64 on REAL (not Virtual) Machines.



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This makes sense.

When Fast boot is enabled shutdown first closes all running applications and then essentially goes into hibernation. This involves saving the volatile system state in RAM to the system drive. On startup this system state is restored from the drive. The problem arises when the system is started on a computer other than the one on which the most recent shutdown occurred. A portion of the system state is hardware dependent and would thus be invalid. The result would be unpredictable but some kind of system crash would seem inevitable.

For that reason both hibernation and fast boot are not supported.

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