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Windows System Restore cannot detect Windows installation


I am using Windows 8.1x64 in UEFI mode. My motherboard is Gigabyte H77M-D3H. My hard disk is configured to use AHCI. A few days back I needed to use system restore from my repair disk because of a system crash. To my horror when I selected System Restore from my Windows repair disk it showed-:
"To use System Restore, you must specify which Windows Installation to restore. Restart this computer select an operating system, and then select system restore."

Now I don't have multiple Windows installations but I do have Debian Linux x64 dual booted with Windows 8.1. the Debian Linux also boots in UEFI mode. Is this problem caused by the fact that I am dual booting ? If anyone has Linux dual booted please do check if you can system restore from the windows repair disk.

I can perform a system restore from the inside of the OS fine. But I need it working from the outside also. What I have tried is running diskpart from the repair disk and selecting my partition on which Windows is installed and then running system restore but this had no effect. Can I boot up windows and then select to boot from my CD ? Like, before Windows completes booting I can have the repair disk boot up or something. Could it be that I am booting my CD in legacy rather than UEFI ?

Please help. If anyone has faced this problem before please give their feed back.

PS-: My Windows 8 was upgraded from an installation of Windows 7. But I have already deleted the Windows.old folder in C drive. Will chkdsk help me ?

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Anshad Edavana

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Could it be that I am booting my CD in legacy rather than UEFI ?

That is a possibility. Try booting your installation DVD in UEFI mode and check whether "System Restore" works.

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If the boot device menu does not show a UEFI version of the bootable media, that media may be at fault.

What exactly are you using for the media and when and how was it created?

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