Windows Store functionality uncovered


The saga of the Windows store has been full of fakes and misinformation. But it now appears that we are finally getting more reliable information that has been uncovered within the Windows 8 leaks.

The information comes courtesy of as they have uncovered the information above and many features that will be included in the upcoming application store from Microsoft. Windows8italia states that (translated from Italian) the store will support:

Will supported fulfill purchase goods and services directly within applications.
Will can install applications trial and then decide if switch to full version.
Users can rate and review applications. Each comment will be reviewed in turn by other users.
Users can send reports of problems for application developers.
It will obviously look for possible applications and filter the results by price or category.
For each application will be available on:
Minimum System Requirements
End User License
Feature requests (Webcam, GPS ...)
Category and Description
Application functionality
Rating the content
Link to support forum
Types of supported architectures (x86, x64, ARM, or neutral)
List of enhancements in the latest versions (change log)
The App store will act as a housing community for applications, much like Apple's App store does on OS X. While the idea of an App store was first implemented by Microsoft (Windows Marketplace), Apple has made the "App Store" a household name. It is rumored that the Windows App store will also make it to the Windows 7 platform, but at this time that is not confirmed.

Source: Neowin